Unstopable Ntfs.sys Error BSOD

June 15, 2009 at 12:16:31
Specs: Windows XP
Ok Heres my Problem! A Ntfs.sys Error Right before Windows Boots up(On my Emachines Laptop), Goes to the Windows load Screen THEN BLAME Blue Screen of death!

1) First Thing I thought was Oh My Rams Shot, Replaced the Ram Rebooted, BLAM Blue Screen of Death Again!

2) Thought it could be Windows, Got Out the Windows Recovery Disk Hit R For Repair Loaded Up a Little Bit the BLAM Blue Screen Of Death again Before it could Even load up the repair

3) Thought it could be the Processor fan maybe it was in the fan...Replaced that Booted up BLAM Blue Screen of Death again

4) Here comes the tricky Part Bought a Azio Mobile Disk to Insert My Hard Drive to Copy files over to another computer BLAM!!! Theres the Blue Screen of Death on the Other Computer I placed the Hard Drive on Wouldn't even Let me look at the files

5) Placed the hard Drive in the computer Downloaded NtfsforDos I can See all my files there but it is read only

So Where is this Ntfs Error comming from? I use Malware, virus and Spy Protection couldn't be a virus can anyone help me out?

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June 15, 2009 at 13:23:39
So Where is this Ntfs Error comming from?

From the Ntfs.sys file which is the driver file that enables your computer to read and write to NTFS partitions. Damage in the NTFS file system, damaged portions of your hard disk, or damaged SCSI or IDE drivers can also cause this issue


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June 18, 2009 at 23:41:50
Ok, I had to completely reformat my computer, What had Happen is that My Computer was Over heating and I had to reformat everything apparently it had corrupted some of the most important files and wouldn't load. In order to Reformat I had to completely erase the hard drive before placing it back in my computer. After that It Once again Kept Shutting off again, Over heating But I place a box fan under it while it reinstalled windows, What I found out is that I the MAIN Problem was something as Simple as the HeatSink Gel That was Applied to it had gotten old and had rubbed off a little bit After reapplying HEAT SINK Gel and reformatting My computer is running as smooth as Ever I would suggest if anyone has over heating problems to Just Check this problem first, AS For the NTFS Error I have no clue why I was getting that error other than The Heat Had Corrupted the hardrive

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