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August 19, 2011 at 09:35:18
Specs: Windows XP
I am helping my daughter-in-law who has a 2004 HP Desktop with XP SP3 (no wireless card). She started having trouble connecting to her DSL. Yesterday, thinking the issue would be the "old" moden or wireless router, she replaced the them both with a combination modem/wireless router with Windstream's help, her ISP. Their 2 laptops connected ASA they entered the new modem/router's password, but her desktop keeps saying "Unable to get IP Address from DHCP server." We've tried multiple things including ipconfig release/renew, making sure all services were started, making sure TCP/IP settings were to "Obtain ... automatically" but cannot get an IP Address. Also, using, we can ping the network adapter...what is the problem here?

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August 19, 2011 at 13:34:39
ASA may be "as soon as" I am guessing. I don't speak text.

From your post it seems that this was the original issue and remained so after the new modem. Since other computers work we can assume at least part of the setup is correct.

I would now turn my attention to the cable or nic card in the xp system that you have troubles with. Look at device manager for any clues. Might try a restore point to a time when it worked. Might look at output of command ifconfig /all. I'd use the cable that is known to work in the other computers. Disconnect one and then connect to this units. Do a full power off of the computer before you try it just in case it is a wrong cable. A new modem would correct for the wrong cable if you did use one. That is why I said to power down the computer, so it would then auto correct.

Ping is a poor choice to use for testing. would return a ping even if no nic is present in some OS's so that is a poor choice. Ping is being blocked by many devices and OS's so it is better to use other tools and light indicators.

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August 19, 2011 at 14:01:44
The desktop computer must be plugged into a network port on the combo router/modem that is NOT labeled WAN. There are usually 4 other network ports.
The led for that port on the router, and for the network adapter port on the computer, must light up when the network cable is connected (when Windows is running and the power to the combo router modem is on and the latter is switched on if it has a switch) . If it doesn't try a different network cable
Note that if the router/ modem supports 10/100/1000mbps (1000 = gigabit) network cable connections, I know from experience that some category 5 network cables (for 10/100mbps connections) will NOT work properly. In some cases you may need to buy a category 6 network cable. If a network cable came with the combo router / modem, that will work fine in any case.
The plastic lever on the end connectors on the network cable should not be broken off, or fatigued - you should not be able to pull out the connector when it's plugged in unless that lever is depressed..
The outer sheath for the cable should be clamped into the end connectors, not pulled out of them.

If the ISP is not using a proxy and does NOT require you enter a password to access the internet, then no password needs to be entered for a computer connected to the router via a network cable.

If both laptops are connecting to the combo router/modem wirelessly, the password is only for the wireless security. A computer connected via a network cable does not require that .

However, some DSL or ADSL ISPs require that you register the MAC address of the wired network adapter on a web site of theirs, otherwise you can't access the internet (you can connect to the router and ping it with but cannot connect to the internet and can't ping any internet address).
In my case, that's done automatically when I use the ISP's software installation for a standalone modem or combo router/modem.

You can have the combo router/modem router's configuration use one of
- the MAC addresses of the combo router / modem (if it's wireless, it has two - one for the wireless connection, a different one for the wired network connection - you can't change the one for the wireless internet connection)
- or have the combo router / modem clone the network adapter MAC address on ONE network adapter it is connected to via a network cable (only one can be connected that way when you do that)
- or type in the MAC address of wired network adapter that has already been registered with the ISP's web site.
Whichever one of the three you use is the MAC address seen on the internet for the router part of your combo router/modem.
(I'm allowed to register up to two MAC addresses. I type in the MAC address of one of my wire3d network adapters in the configuration of all routers or combo router / DSL or ADSL modems I use with my computers, rather than using the default MAC address of the router ).

Start- Run - type: cmd
Click on OK or press Enter.
Type: ipconfig /all
Press Enter.

If the wired network adapter is connecting properly to the router part of the combo router / modem correctly, it's MAC address is listed as the Physical Address, and the IP address is that of the router port it's using -
(xxx can be 1 to 3 numbers), and if it's connected to the internet
DHCP enabled - Yes
Autoconfiguration enabled - Yes
Subnet Mask, DHCP Server, DNS Servers are all
where the first xxx is the same as for the router port, the last xxx for the latter three is the same (there may be one or more different addtional different address for DNS Servers .)

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August 19, 2011 at 14:19:49
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"Their 2 laptops connected"

Since the new modem and router work all of the above is unnecessary.

Most likely the tcp/ip stack has been corrupted by malware.

Follow this Microsoft article to correct this

Then make sure to update and run the antivirus antimalware checkers.

There is also the chance this is a sign of a failing network card.

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August 19, 2011 at 14:45:31
""Their 2 laptops connected""

"Since the new modem and router work all of the above is unnecessary."

The combo router / modem obviously works for the network connection for the laptops, but if the laptops both connect to the rouiter wirelessly and the desktop computer connects to it via a network cable, palan's having problems with the latter, whether that's hardware or router settings or Windows software related.

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August 19, 2011 at 15:10:23
I understand this tubesandwires. The problem only exists on the lan side of the router and apparently only for the pc. This points to a pc problem only.

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