TV Tuner Card- Choosing , Recording and Viewing

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March 31, 2012 at 19:25:08
Specs: Windows XP, 3.7 GHz / 1950 MB
I m going to buy a TV Tuner Card. So any one can suggest me the the right tv tuner card??
I also want to record tv so that i can view it later on..

and also tell me how to record using TV tuner card?

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March 31, 2012 at 20:16:42
The right choice depends on a few things. One is the general quality of signal in your area. This may be most important. All of them suck with respect to the quality of tuning. None compete with the average tv's tuner. Dunno why either. Then you may have to get a new antenna and good cables and splitter and maybe an external home antenna.

Two is how you want to record. Only Vista and Windows 7 really offer a good MS solution. Each company that makes tuners generally offers some kind of software to both view and record but not all.
If you want to run linux then the hardware choices are limited.

There are various types of tuners. They have networked tuners that can be viewed all over the lan. They have pci and usb tuners and even stand alone external tuners.

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March 31, 2012 at 20:42:42
can you plz sugest me the Name of CARDS that can both view and record?
i hv winXP. will the quality differ as compare to win7???

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March 31, 2012 at 22:37:46
All recent TV tuner cards or adapters are capable of making a high quality recording of TV programs on XP and above , but if it has only one tuner, when you're recording you can only watch the channel you're recording on the computer.
If you want to be able to view a different channel on the computer while you're recording, the card or adapter must have two tuners.

If that doesn't concern you, you have lots of tuner cards or adapters to choose from.

If this is for a desktop computer, a PCI, or a PCI-E TV tuner card is a better choice rather than a USB TV tuner adapter (they're adapters, NOT CARDS, in my opinion).

If this is for a laptop or netbook, get a USB TV tuner adapter, or if your model has the slot, an ExpressCard TV tuner card.

If you don't care whether the TV tuner device is internal or easily portable when you're watching TV on the computer, then you also have the choice of external USB connected TV tuner boxes.

I recommend ones that have an ATI or AMD chipset - it doesn't matter who made it if it has that - they have much better support on the AMD web site for the chipset and tuner than other brands of chipsets do - the card or adapter uses AMD supplied software, no matter who made the card or adapter.

The newer the tuner card or adapter's chipset is (regarding when it was first released), the more the card costs, the less load it will place on your cpu.
(If you have a slower computer, get a tuner card or adapter with a newer chipset.)

TV tuner cards or adapters cannot amplify a video signal if it's too weak, like regular TVs automatically do.
If you have problems picking up one or more channels, you often need to use a video amplifier such as one used to amplify a cable TV signal between the source and the TV tuner card. e.g. Walmart has them.

If you have an (XP) MCE 200x version, or a Vista or Windows 7 version that has Media Center (most do except Basic) , you can use Media Center in Windows rather than the TV player program that comes with the card with the TV tuner card or adapter - it can record TV programs too, but it wants where you record them to, to be on a NTFS partition.

You may be able to download the manual for the TV tuner card or adapter on the website of the maker of it.

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April 1, 2012 at 14:19:10
I said you have to start on the quality of local signals. If you tell us that we might have a clue.

Generally the small usb devices are the worst for poor reception.

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April 15, 2012 at 08:25:32
I have always had good results using the ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI TV Tuner Card ! I even once had the USB TV Wonder and that also worked without any glitches. Now my current system has the WindowsXP MCE 2005 and since the TV Wonder is compatable with this setup I had no need to use the ATI software,plus I have read many complaints about the software packaged with the product. The TV Wonder I have has the 550 theather,however a newer version has the 650 theather, Iam not sure what the differance is so that you can look up on a search google,bing and others.
Good Luck ,Nick

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