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trouble installinf XP

March 27, 2010 at 01:45:26
Specs: Windows XP SP2
I have a sony vaio laptop with 2.1 GHZ and 2 Gb RAM. I had installed windows XP but now its affected with viruses and it is rebooting everytime i logged in. My dvd drive is not working properly. I have very important datas in the hard drive.Is there any way to save my data as well as reinstall XP?? I can afford to lose the data present in the os partition but not the entire HDD.Could external cd drives be used to boot winXP cd?

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March 27, 2010 at 02:53:53
You say your DVD drive isn't working properly..? Presumably it will work well enough to allow you to try the folloiwng path...?

Get yourself a Knoppix or Ubuntu disk and boot up with that - having set cd.dvd unit to be first boot source.

Knoppix/Ubuntu are Linux variants and install entirely into RAM; and then HDD is meraly a resource to the OS. Thus you can access/copy data to optical media; and verify (check) the copies are truly accessible/readable etc.on at least one other system - before proceeding to recover a working system.; - both have freebie downloadable ISO images; which save to a HDD and then burn to a DVD. Boot with that DVD.

While booted as suggested... go on-line to and run their freebie "housecall" utility. Allow it to run a full scan. Perhaps do that first - before copying data. Also clear out anything it may quarantine to the HDD.

After-which (and when all data copied to optical media) reboot to installed OS and see if any improvements? You might also run the "housecall" scan via that installed OS; but first disable System Restore - before you run the scan. Once scan completed, reboot; then re-enable System Restore and reboot again.

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