Think BIOS messed up. Need advice

Hewlett-packard Mini 110-1030nr netbook
September 10, 2009 at 09:52:07
Specs: Windows XP Professional
Hello everyone! Could use a little help. I have a HP Mini 110-1030NR XP edition.
Specs: Atom Processor N270 1.6 hz Intel Core Duo, 1GB of DDR2 SDRAW, 160GB Serial SATA Seagate 5400rpm 2.5” hard Drive, Windows XP Home.

Okay, had computer for about 2 months. Everything was fine, until I downloaded and installed suggested windows updates. That was when I started having problems installing programs. Didn’t think much about it due to fact the computer always tries to abort installs due to “resolution” issues with monitor. It finally just wouldn’t let me install anything. I would always get a message saying “Can not access necessary files. Access.MSI missing. Please verify files are present. Invalid windows installer Patch, please very installer.”(something along those lines) So, went to and downloaded a new windows installer. From there, things went down hill fast. Computer got in bad shape functioning wise, so decided to restore to previous state. When I did this, situation got worse. Programs that were installed before my backup point didn’t work and the issue of the “Bad Windows installer Patch” was still present. Tried a complete restore of my system with the included Roxio program, and the program wouldn’t even start. Computer didn’t come with recovery disks and I thought Roxio would work, so then I was SOL. Then Had a bright idea regarding updating XP from Home to Professional (since I use for work, I have access to this free). So, reinstalled windows xp professional and everything seemed to be going well. Downloaded all drivers for the netbook and was on my 2nd to last driver installation when things went really really bad ( WinFlash for HP Netbook System BIOS – Microsoft windows base, Version F.06 F (06/2009) , File: sp43922.exe. ) The actual installation to the computer went well. When system was shutting down though, power accidently got pulled from computer (got to love kids!!!!) Needless to say, when it boots up now it will go to the initial startup screen and give you the option to press F9 to change boot order or F10 to go to BIOS setup. Then the screen changes to BIOS startup and gets part way through this. After that, it reverts back to the initial startup screen with the options to press F9 and F10. It will repeatedly cycle through this until you cut the machine off. It only stays on the BIOS startup page for about 0.75 seconds.

On the bios Startup, it recognized the HD and says its okay, it recognized the USB ports and says it’s okay, then a little message comes up that says: CMOS checksum bad. It goes through this so fast that the only way to see it is to hit the pause button. When you are in the initial startup screen, if F9 is pressed, nothing happed. F10 will take you to the BIO startup page and gives you two options. F12 to use network to boot or F11 to use BBS Jump(something like that). It doesn’t matter which one you press. NOTHING HAPPENS! I have taken keyboard out and unplugged CMOS battery. Waited for 1 hour and plugged it back in. when I start the machine up again, NO CHANGE. Any advice or guidance would be helpful.

HP said they could fix it but it would cost right under $300. If that’s the case, I would rather just purchase a new netbook and tinker with this one until I find a way to get it running. I’m assuming that all I need to do is reset BIOS, but have done everything I know to do!

Thanks a million for your help.


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September 10, 2009 at 11:57:53
... not enough time to hit the keys to Reload the default settings" ?... I guess!

... the "other" bios flash (vista) could be an option if it would only let you ...drivers page.

... the Manual is detailed but does not point to any jumpers!

... guess the "techies" @ hp could just boot up with a reference disk and reset the bios or replace the m/board

... hope some of this helps!



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September 10, 2009 at 13:02:32
Your first mistake was to download a flash file and use it.

Checksum message in this case may simply be telling you the date and time need to be updated.

When flashing a BIOS you need to enter the BIOS screens after the flash to reset a number of items. In the case of a netbook I couldn't say what items you may need to reset other than the date and time.

"On the bios Startup" That is not the BIOS, those are the POST screens. YOu should see a message to enter the setup screens (BIOS). Do that and reset the date and time. If you have any USB devices connected then remove them.

If you interrpted the BIOS flash process your BIOS may be corrupted. If you can still enter the setup screens then it may be possible to fix by reflashing.

"F12 to use network to boot or F11 to use BBS Jump" The first option isn't working because you are using a stand alone computer. I don't know what the second message is referring to.

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