there seems to be a problem with my c-media..

February 27, 2011 at 13:44:19
Specs: Windows XP
ac97 driver. i have tried everything i can think of. i recently reinstalled windows xp and it still worked. then i installed sp2 and sp3 and a bunch of updates. somewhere along the way i lost sound. i have tried troubleshooting, i've tried system restoring and everybody seems to have a free fix-it that isnt free. can anybody help me?

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February 27, 2011 at 14:37:33
Have you tried rolling back the driver?

Right click "My Computer", click "Manage", in the left pane click "Device manager", go down to sound conroller, right click and click properties. With any luck the option to roll back driver will be available.

Another way would be to go to your motherboard manufaturers website, if the audio controller chip is integrated into the motherboard, and seek out the latest driver from there.

If you need to identify the motherboard or audio details a program like SIW will do this for you:

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February 27, 2011 at 15:31:56
i have tried the first but there wasnt one to roll back to. so now i will try the second and see what happens. thank you

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February 27, 2011 at 22:03:59
You must install the proper sound software for your sound chip model.
There are all sorts of different CMedia chips that support AC97 specs.

If the sound adapter is built into the mboard.....

If you have a brand name system, the proper sound software is probably in the software downloads for your specific model on the brand name's web site.

If you have a generic desktop system, the proper sound software is in the software downloads for your specific mboard model on the brand name's web site.

If the sound chip is on a card in a mboard slot on a desktop computer.......
- find the model of the sound card printed on the sound card, tell us us what it is,
- or if it has a FCC ID "number" printed on it, tell us what it is
-or tell us what the model number on the CMedia chip is

The most frequent reasons the PROPER sound software DOES NOT install properly are.........

- you have one or more resident module(s) for anti-malware software running that are interfering with the proper installation of the software.

See response 3 regarding disabling resident modules of anti-malware software:

See response 14 in that if you have Panda Global Protection

- the most common reason - you DID NOT install the sound software properly !

How to install or re-install the sound software properly......

See response 1 in this:

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Related Solutions

February 28, 2011 at 16:14:16
i have an hp pavilion 560w. the motherboard has P4S-LA on it if that helps. its a C-media AC97 audio device with a yellow exclamation mark in device manager. location, PCI bus 0, device 2, function 7. then it says, "this device cannot start (code 10). if you need more info can you tell me where to find it exactly. thanx.

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March 1, 2011 at 11:12:13
Go here:
Scroll down a bit.
Look for the similar label on the outside of your computer.
Quote the specific model number - that's at the end of the first line.
Quote the Product number - that's on the third line.

Tell us which Country you bought it in (the Country it was SOLD in).

There is a
HP Pavilion 560w Desktop PC (US) (Home support page)

Product number: P7517A
(or P7517AR, probably has an alternate version of the same mboard with a chip that supports RAID)

But the mboard listed for that is NOT ASUS P4s-LA

and there are NO DRIVERS at all listed !

Software & Driver Downloads - HP Pavilion 560w Desktop PC (US)

- HP has a different mboard installed in a model and there is no indication of that on their web site
- HP loses the drivers listings for, or never had drivers listed for, a model

It might help if you supplied the HP part number for the ASUS P4s-LA mboard.
It's on a stuck on label on the surface of mboard somewhere, possibly ontop of the parallel port if you board has one, and that label often has a bar code on it, and it might have the name Indiana on it.

(found on the web - part number 5187-1083 ??)

When I searched the HP site for P4S-LA I found this:
(Has a mboard diagram, mboard picture, jumper info lower down on the page)

Motherboard Specifications, P4S-LA (Indiana)


Motherboard manufacturer's name: ASUS P4s-LA

HP/Compaq name: Indiana
(found on the web - part number 5187-1083 ??)

Processor Family PentiumĀ®) 4 (Willamette, Northwood)
Maximum approved processor 2.53 GHz Intel Pentium 4

Chipset Name SiS651
Chipset "North Bridge" SiS651
Chipset "South Bridge" SiS961

Audio AC'97 Down
AC'97 CODEC Device ADI1885

Ethernet 10/100 LAN Supplier SiS 961+PHY ICS 1893

SO - your sound chip is ADI1885 .

NOTE that
- the chip is made by ADI
- Realtek supplies drivers for many devices it didn't make

- the sound chip may have printed on it:

SiS 7012 (re-labeled by ADI for SiS)
much less likely, a Realtek model number (re-labeled by ADI for Realtek)

- the sound software for any of the possible proper model numbers will work.

Since HP has no driver downloads at all......

Agree to the agreement.

Scroll down.
Top Downloads.

top one
SiS7012 Audio Drivers

Onboard graphics drivers (for SiS651)
OS - Windows XP
IGP Graphics Drivers
SiS650 & SiS740 series

You MUST install this in order for your drives to be able to run as fast as they can !

IDE Drivers (for SiS961)
OS - Windows XP
IDE Driver
IDE Driver

Network adapter drivers (for SiS961)
OS - Windows XP
Network Driver
SiS 900 and integrated SiS LAN

Or, an alternate source for the sound drivers (for ADI1885)

Intel provided ADI+AC'97 driver

See the info in response 3 regarding resident modules and installing your sound software properly !!

NOTE that I came upon several posts on the web where some guy installed drivers for the sound on this mboard when Found New Hardware popped up, then Windows installed CMedia drivers and the sound would not work !
It's NOT a CMedia sound chip!
DO NOT install drivers for this when Found New Hardware pops up !

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