Temporary Internet Files now in Temp folder!

March 22, 2011 at 03:20:21
Specs: Windows XP
I've been trying to solve a slow shutdown problem and earlier today decided to see if clearing my Temporary Internet Files might help. I used CCleaner and now wish I hadn't, because of what it's done to the location of the TIF. I should say locations because now they're shared between two places according to Windows Explorer. To explain: they've always been in the usual place, ie Documents and Settings/Me/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files (with the main list on the opening page and the Content.IE5 folders opening once I append Content.IE5). Now, after using CCleaner, Temporary Internet Files are still there in the usual place, but another folder has been created in the Documents and Settings/Me/Local Settings/Temp folder. Not only has this extra TIF folder been created in the Temp folder but so too has another Cookies folder and History folder, while all the originals are still there in their usual places, ie under Local Settings.
And it gets more complicated.
Starting with the History folders. The original Local Settings History folder is still opening and functioning as usual while the new History folder in the Temp folder does nothing when I click on it.
Not so with the old and new Cookies folders. The old Cookies folder appears to have stopped functioning at the CCLeaner clean and all new cookies are now appearing in the new Temp/Cookies folder.
It gets more complicated with the Temporary Internet Files folders. Now the old Local Settings TIF folder is listing new files on its main page as it always has, but now when I append Content.IE5 like I used to, it simply shows the index.dat file that was there before I used CCleaner and no folders. And when I open the new Local Settings/Temp/Temporary Internet Files, it doesn't have any list of files on its opening page but a file marked Content.IE5. Which when I click on and open, sure enough, has the newly created Content.IE5 folders within it together with a new index.dat file.

So, now, my main page of tif files is in the (original) Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files folder, while the Content.IE5 folders are now located in the (new) Local Settings/Temp/Temporary Internet Files folder.

I've tried to delete the contents of the Temp folder using CCleaner, hoping that that would make the original tif folder revert to its original functioning, but no, the new Cookies, History, and Temporary Internet folders won't delete from the Temp folder.
Why would new Cookies, History and Temporary Internet Files folders have been created within the Local Settings/Temp folder? And why/how have the Temporary Internet Files main list and the Content.IE5 folders been separated into different locations?
And how do I start putting things right?
Incidentally, Internet Options settings for location of tif reads the new Local Settings/Temp location but when I click on view files the original Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files folder opens! Weird.

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March 22, 2011 at 17:05:48
Nothing wrong with CCLeaner, you just need to research ( google or read the help file ) for any of the boxes you don't understand.

Too hard to understand what you are saying, screenshots may help, upload to a site of your choice.

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March 22, 2011 at 18:39:57
At first glance, it looks to me like everything is as it should be.

Personally, I have located mine as a 1st-level folder on my C: drive, so I don't have to drill down thru so many interminable sub-folders to access the location... same with my OE Store files. I tend to not accept M$'s defaults. Why it even took M$ so long to quit the "My Computer" kiddie-talk appellation has always mystified me, focus-group or not...

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March 22, 2011 at 21:08:04
To speed up a slow shutdown use hibernate when you shut down.

I didn't try to follow all that you have written.
When you use CCleaner it changes the names you have been used to.
No harm done. The only way I know to get it back to the original version
is to reinstall Windows XP and do your Windows Updates again.
I like CCleaner and it's easy to use.

If you don't want to use CCleaner try what I have below.
Clean out unwanted files and speed up your computer.

Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Open
Delete Cookies - Delete files (select all off line content) Clear History.
Click OK to Exit.

Than go to - Start - Run - Type - %temp% - OK
Click Edit - Select all - Delete

Start - Run - Type - C;\windows\temp - OK
Select everything except Temporary Internet files - Cookies - History Folders - Delete. (They have already been emptied. The folders can be saved.)
Ccleaner will remove them and replace them with a different name.
Than Restart your computer

Than use the Defragmenter.
Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Defragmenter - Analyze.

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