system restore problem after recovery

Hewlett-packard / M7000
March 20, 2010 at 08:45:54
Specs: Windows XP
I had to use the recovery on my HP m7000 after a psu failure and crash.There are two options ,full recovery which takes it back to as new and recovery with system restore,i used the one with restore,XP reinstalled fine but when it got to the system restore box there were no restore points,is there a way i can still restore the pc or have i lost everything,(another idiot without backup) Please any help would be hugely appreciated.

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March 20, 2010 at 09:52:22
mmm - a full reset will lose everything on the drive; with the second one I was under the impression that data might/would be preserved... But then I haven't run one of those yet on any system - only a total reset to factory gate status...

Regardless - on the HP site I can't find/access the user-manual for this model hp. If you have it... does it say clearly what the recovery options are; and exactly what happens with the second approach?

In your situation... I wouldn't expect former system restore points to have been preserved. Data loss may or may not be a norm in that recovery option too. However as you didn't make off copies off the system entirely (to optical media at least) you may well up the proverbial creek without a paddle...

Well almost... There are recovery softare utils out there that may help you recover some/all of it...

"get my data back" is one that comes to mind; and there are others similar.

and I think it allows a freebie demo style version to run to see if it will do as you wish... So it may be worth to go there and test out their product. Likewise a google/yahoo search using

get my data back

or perhaps:

data recovery software

will bring up many more similar utils...; and may allow a limited use to see if they will work for you... has a good data recovery util too...

Key item "now" is to refrain from installing anything on the drive as is; and try one or two of the utils to see what they may achieve for you...?

Often useful to slave the drive to another working system to do this - if at all possible.

For the future... regularly duplicate (copy) your dat to optical -media and also another hard-drive too if really concerned about data safety.

Also useful to have a Knoppix or Ubuntu disk (Linux variants) around at all times... You can boot a system with either; then access and copy data off the system as above. After-which set about reparing etc. a damaged system; knowing data is safe elsewhere...

When you make opticals - check they will play etc. properly on at least one other system; just to be safe/sure...

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March 20, 2010 at 09:54:34
Why do you need to do a system restore? Replacing a power supply shouldn't require a reinstall. Were there other problems? You can use a linux live cd to try to recover and backup any data you need before a clean install.

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March 20, 2010 at 10:06:47
By tthe sound of it.. a recovery routine has already been done and thus data has gone...? Thus recovery utils may be the ordrr of the day now?

A psu failure and a resultant crash "could" require a rebuild of sorts... All depends on how the system manged to go down at the time...?

Sadly the poster has learned a hard lesson re' data safeguards etc. - preferably attended to before a system goes down...

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