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February 15, 2011 at 08:19:59
Specs: Windows XP
I need to know where to place this question as I looked for the appropriate forum and all I could find was just posting it under the forum that is my operating system. Every time I try to play a Divx file with the web player, on multiple sites, it says the "Divx Plus Web Player could not download the file. Please check your internet connection." The files on the main site I use are written in the new file form, I forgot what the specific format is but it is a popular site and the admins confirmed the links in question are done in the new format for Divx. So I don't need the old Divx player, but when I had this problem in the past with the same website, and they said those links were updated, the old version was the only thing that worked. And the links with the problem I had in the past were confirmed to be files with the updated format by admins by the same website I am speaking of above. I downloaded the link provided on for Divx Web Player 1.5, and before I used just the download for 6.8.4 and it worked. Now they both don't work. I erased everything to do with the old and new Divx, and reinstalled the old Divx because I didn't uninstall the new Divx when I downloaded the old Divx. The old Divx didn't work so then I tried to download the new Divx for the first time in a long time. And that doesn't work. So then I did uninstalled the new divx before reinstalling the old versions, both from and, and that didn't work. And I tried again and it didn't work. I used almost every suggestion on this page given by Mozilla, when having problems connecting to a web page, because I thought it could be related. I downloaded the batch file given by someone associated with on one of the forum threads on there and when I ran it it said "cannot find DDmservice.exe." And I erased all my history and cache on Firefox, disable DNS prefetching, disabled Internet Protocol version 6 using methods suggested on the link from I just posted. I have run a full system scan by AVG free, and the longest scan possible with all the settings set to make sure everything was checked, and I had nothing. I have not been downloading anything sketchy at all. After I disabled the prefetch and Protocol and erased the cache I restarted Firefox of course. My flash player is up to date, and my proxyenable option is set to 0 in the registry. I have a four year old HP and not a Mac. I have Windows XP. I had Free AVG Antivirus for a while while I played Divx videos on the web player. But with version 6.8.4 from Maybe an update from AVG is causing this, but I disabled AVG protection, restarted my computer, and tried to play the video again, with the version, and I still get the same "Web Player cannot download the file" response as I did after I tried everything I listed above. I say this in order to distinguish the fact that it could have been unresponsive for a really long time and it would have been a different response than the "cannot download" message and thus it is worth noting the specific response. The only difference was it said "Divx Plus Web Player cannot..." when I had installed the new version. I cannot figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have noticed some things in the Preference list of the about:config thing in Firefox that are from old programs. How do you erase those? Thank you for anything you could suggest.

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February 15, 2011 at 09:08:46
Maybe I'm misunderstanding but why are you need the DivX player at all? DivX files will play thru Windows Media Player as long as you keep the codecs updated. Or you can install VLC Media Player.

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February 16, 2011 at 06:02:38
Wait... I pretty much do not know much at all, but are you talking about Windows Media Player and VLC as being a Web Player for Divx files? Because my only problem is not with downloading files and playing them with the Divx player, which I can do, and I know that the Windows Media Player and VLC player can play Divx files; but it's with the Divx Web Player and streaming Divx files through it.

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March 11, 2011 at 20:56:44
thats correct u do need divx web player to play alot of web content,not having divx is detremental if u plan on doing much movie or clip watching on the net INCLUDING YOUTUBE (on occation) ,codecs have nothing to do with it at all because its the actual player ur after not codecs , this is caused by a couple of problems

1. The updated version dosent support win 7! u must use an older divx player for it to run correctly heres the one i currently use.. this is slightly more tricky,divx will not run uder proxy mode!
1 . Click Start >> Run
2. Type "Regedit" and click on OK
3. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Inter net Settings
4. Double Click "ProxyEnable" on the Right Side
5. Change the Value to 0
6. Click on OK
7. Close All the Internet Browser Windows
8. Reboot the Computer

3. now that leaves lucky last there is some problems with browsers trying to use "clashing codecs' having a player like VLC is extremly optimal although divx codec package has clashing codecs with these other players so my suggestion to everyone is to only have VLC installed (because of its very comprehencive codec data bank)
uninstall divx completly and just install the web player alone and VLC.

any questions dont hesitate to hit me back good luck mate :)
to those who dont really know solutions please dont bother commenting and leave it to people who actully know what there talking about otherwise we end up with long trails of comments that dont help anyone, cheers. ;)

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