static on my windows media player

October 31, 2011 at 13:36:47
Specs: Windows XP
playback sounds like old records with crackles and static on my windows media player

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October 31, 2011 at 14:10:48
Tell us the make and model of your brand name system, or if you have a generic desktop system, the make and model of the mboard.

The specific model of a brand name system is often shown on a label on the outside of the case somewhere, or it can often be determined by going to the brand name's web site and loading a program they have available, if Windows is still working, on the subject computer.

If it's a Dell computer...
Go here for how to find the Service tag "number":

Tell us what it is.

If it's a HP or Compaq computer.....
Go here:
Scroll down a bit.
Look for the similar label on the outside of your computer.
Quote the specific model number - that's at the end of the first line.
Quote the Product number - that's on the third line.

If it's a Lenovo computer

Find your specific Product number and tell us what it is:

Finding my product number

The model, sometimes the make, of a mboard in a generic desktop system is usually printed on the mboard's surface in obvious larger characters, often between the slots.

Playback of what ?

Everything, or just certain types of files, or only from certain external sources ?

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November 1, 2011 at 14:21:39
Computer is a generic desktop: Mother board is ASROCK P4VM 890.
CPU Type intel pentium 4 2553mhz (19 x 134)
Cpuid Genuine intel pentium 4 cpu 2.34 ghz.
Brooktree BT878 video capture device - audio section
VIA AC'97 enhanced aydio controller.
Realtek AC'97 audio for VIA(r) audio controller.
The playback (using WMP) audio files are staticy and choppy.

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November 1, 2011 at 20:27:25
"The playback (using WMP) audio files are staticy and choppy "

Not specific enough.

"Everything, or just certain types of files, or only from certain external sources ?"

Or only for files you downloaded ?

Or only when a cable is plugged into the TV card ?

If you can't see the file extensions of specific files that are causing this problem, go to Control Panel (- Classic view) - Folder Options - View tab, and enable showing the file extensions of known file types, click on OK at the bottom of the Window.

Check the physical stuff in this, in the two Generally parts, first. The second one is mostly about your probable PCI TV tuner card.

If fixing those things if they're not right doesn't get rid of your problem, you may need to load different drivers, newer preferably, or the original drivers again, , or a different TV player program, PROPERLY - try those things one by one.

The driver version number is shown in Device Manager for the device in it's Properties. Copy those down before you replace the drivers. Usually higher version numbers are for newer drivers, and more likely to work better. Installing older drivers may or may not help.

The most frequent reasons for problems like yours are the drivers were not installed properly (#1) , or you need newer drivers (#2 but not necessarily) . However, if you had no problems with the drivers you were using previously, your problem is probably not caused by the drivers being too old, unless. possibly, you only have the problem with specific sound files with certain file extensions.
Also, some sound file types (with certain file extensions) require specific sound codecs (software) to play properly.

Un-install previous drivers before installing different ones or the same ones again, in Add or Remove Programs.

Unless the instructions for installing a device tell you otherwise.......
You DO NOT install drivers for a device while booting into Windows, if the software for the device has not been installed yet - when Windows detects a generic device or Found New Hardware pops up while booting, you allow it to search for drivers, it doesn't find any, and it wants you to show it the location of the drivers - CANCEL that, continue on to the desktop, and install the software for the device using the proper installation from a CD or the proper installation file that you downloaded from the web.
DO NOT install drivers for the sound (or the TV card) when Found New Hardware pops up no matter when it pops up !

If you DID install drivers that way,

(The following also applies if you want to re-install the sound software)

- go to Control Panel - Classic View - Add/Remove Programs and Un-install the software you installed, reboot, DO NOT install drivers while booting.

- go to Device Manager.
(e.g. RIGHT click on My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager)
If the sound adapter is still listed, RIGHT click on it and Un-install it.
If that was there, and you un-installed it, Reboot at least once.
DO NOT install drivers while booting.

Install the sound software (or TV card software) properly by running the proper download you got from the web, or if you have the CD that came with the sound card (or TV card) , or the CD that came with the computer that has the Drivers on it, run the sound software installation from the installation program on that.


- your computer case is metal for a reason - metal blocks or reduces the possibility of the components inside the case picking up electrical or electronic noise from sources outside the case - the case sides should be on if you want to reduce the possibility of noise in the sound.
- route any wiring inside the case away from anything sound related that may pick up noise - in your case, your onboard sound chip, which is usually near the audio ports, and the TV tuner card if it's a PCI card.
- You DO NOT need an audio cable to go to modern (made after about 1996) CD or DVD drives anymore ! All audio from the drive including legacy audio CD audio goes to your sound adapter via the data cable. If a regular audio CD produces no sound when the cable is not connected, you need to change a setting in Windows for the CD or DVD drive.
- route wires and cables on the exterior of the case, especially if they plug into the case, away from from each other and AC power cords, florescent lights, unshielded speakers (most computer amplified speakers are shielded), your monitor, etc. to reduce the possibility of picking up noise in your sound. Try not to have cables parallel to each other. It's reduced by the square of the distance between - e.g. twice the distance , 1/4 the strength of possible noise picked up.

"Mother board is ASROCK P4VM 890"

Asrock - pick a region / country, or Global - English

Global - English


Placing: P4VM 890
in the Model name box, Search, finds NOTHING.

Select Show all models

P4VM890 (home support page)

P4VM890 R2.0 (home support page)

( NOTE that this site uses software that automatically shortens links that are longer than a certain length to save visual space in the posts - the shortened link has 3 dots at the end of the line and is a link to the actual full length link.
Sometimes it makes mistakes.
In this case I can't figure out how to fix the probem.
You have to go to the same location as above and place P4VM890 R2.0 in the Model name box, click on Search.)

Examine your mboard - look for the Rev number printed on the mboard surface, or it appears only Rev 2.0 has "5.1 CH" in large white letters near the small brown slot.

Which Rev do you have ?

Original Rev - Audio - Realtek ALC653 5.1 channel AC'97 audio codec

Rev 2.0 - Audio - Realtek ALC653 5.1 channel AC'97 audio codec

Same sound chip.

"VIA AC'97 enhanced aydio controller.
Realtek AC'97 audio for VIA(r) audio controller."

Those are both the same audio chip.

That's NOT a VIA sound chip model number.
However, Realtek
- provides drivers for lots of other chip maker's chips / chipsets.
- identical (re-branded) chips to the original maker's chip made by the original maker for Realtek, or 100% compatible to the original maker's chip chips made by Realtek, have a Realtek model number on them, rather than the original maker's model number, with the original maker's approval.

Newest available Via drivers.
If this finds you can use Via drivers, you could use those:

Or - use the Realtek audio driver downloads on the Asrock Web site for you mboard model

Or use the latest available Relatek drivers - recommended

No ALC653 found on Realtek web site

Search the web for: ALC653

Download 8 drivers for ALC653 and Windows Vista 64bit
Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver for Windows Vista a Windows 7
Support for ALC101, ALC201, ALC201A, ALC202, ALC202A, ALC203, ALC250, ALC650, ALC653, ALC655, ALC658 and ALC850

ALC655 IS found on the Realtek web site, so these drivers will work fine:

"CPU Type intel pentium 4 2553mhz (19 x 134)"

It's actually 19 x 133.33 rounded off, unless you've overclocked it slightly.

"Brooktree BT878 video capture device - audio section"

I didn't expect that - thanks for providing it.

You probably have that on a PCI TV tuner card.

- Usually it's NOT a good idea to install a PCI card in the last PCI slot closest to the center of the mboard, unless it's a PCI video card. Usually that slot shares it's IRQ with the video adapter in the dedicated video slot or the onboard video, and in that case, any PCI card other than one for video is likely to have problems if it's installed in that slot. If you read the mboard manual it often shows you which IRQs are shared with which devices / slots.
- install a PCI card that has sound capability as far as you can from other cards and the CPU, if it works fine in the slot you install it in, to reduce the possibility of it picking up electrical or electronic noise from another device.

Need drivers for Brooktree Corp. Bt878 Media Stream Controller


Brooktree BT878 video capture device - audio section

this brooktree chipset is very common across a range of 'no-name' tv cards

these cards are manufactured by several companys the link posted utilizes that particular chipset. Bt878

perhaps try this ;- 'ChrisTV' (http:// which has both freeware ('chris TV lite') & commercial versions (don't get fooled by the download pages, its{the free version} there 'somewhere', but the site has recently 'gone all commercial' ;)),


That url was typed incorrectly - supposed to be:


Vendor Details
Brooktree Corporation
yeni mh melikgazi-kayseri

Vendor Id: 0x109E
Short Name: Brooktree
Web Site:
Notes: (

Chip Number: Bt878
Chip Description: Video Capture

MY NOTES - that link for the drivers for Bt878 works:

Click on Save file to your computer.

NOTE that you must have a program installed on you computer that can open *.rar archives

Going by the dates of the files in it, it's probably the 19 July 2005 version of the drivers

Extracting the files automatically places them in a \Drivers folder in the folder the download was saved to.

Going by the text in the *.inf files they can probably be used in 2000 or XP (32 bit)

Click on 878DrvInstall to install them.


It has a Conexant chip or chipset.

No Drivers for it on their web site (the only drivers they have are generic ones for dial-up modems).

Product Brief

PCI Video Decoder
Fusion 878A (and Bt878)

Fusion 878A
eratta sheet

Hauppauge probably has drivers for it too.

If you don't have the problem when the TV tuner card is NOT installed, it's either caused by a problem with the card,or where it, was installed, or with the drivers for the card.

If you had paid more and got one with an ATI chipset, the AMD web site has good support for their ATI TV tuner chipsets .

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