sony vaio recovery wizard... MYTH?

May 30, 2011 at 18:29:49
Specs: Windows XP
Apparently there is really no such thing as a sony vaio recovery wizard on XP. It certainly does not exist on my sony vaio, and the F10 "rumor" is also unsubstantiated. I have searched thousands of posts like this. In every case, not one person has been able to answer the question. Where the heck did this mystery "wizard" go and why is it impossible to get it back???

Since sony has perpetuated this falsehood, does anyone know a LEGITIMATE way to restore a vaio to factory settings?

Control Panel: Performance and Maintenance... OOPS no such thing as a wizard

Help center: How to restore my computer... it lies and says to use the nonexistant wizard in the control panel hahahahahaha

Help center; how to restore my comptuer... lies again and says to hold down the F10 key when the vaio splash screen shows. This just gives you some annoying beeps and then just loads windows normally.

How does anyone at sony live with themselves? If there ever was such a thing as this wizard on my computer, it was clearly set to delete itself the minute the computer warranty expired.

I have two choices: pay sony a kazillion dollars or throw the thing out the window. Personally I'd just like to beat some sony executive over the head with is, but trying to be a peaceful person I'd rather find a way to reset it.

If anyone has any actual, real, honest, true answers, I'd love to hear. I've read other responses to questions just like this and the only two answers I've found are: oops you're screwed and Here click this link (which takes you to a tutorial that tells you to use the wizard. That person, by the way, should be shot.

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May 30, 2011 at 19:56:48
Are you now done ranting? You have not supplied a single helpful fact.

Post your complete model number to start and then explain why you need to perform a factory restore.

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July 13, 2011 at 08:34:05
Hi All,
I was repairing a Sony VAIO VPCEE31FX. Windows 7HE would not start so I had to do a System Recovery using the wizard. I tapped on F10 repeatedly on boot-up and I was able to get to the Recovery wizard. First, it goes into a DOS command window where you hit <ENTER> to summit the command and the wisard starts. So, on this model, F10 did work. Hope this helps.

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