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Solution: Standalone Google Chrome Installer For Non SSE

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UPDATE: I have located a copy of standalone Google Chrome 33 which is the last version of the browser that does not prompt to upgrade hardware because the hardware is no longer supported.

This will run on older processors like the Pentium III and AMD socket processors without SSE2.

It was released on November 6, 2013 and is digitally signed by Google.

I found it on Sante Fe College’s directory, and determined the correct version by searching for a digitally signed copy from November 6 2013 which is the date that Chrome 33 was officially released.…

Direct link:…

If that link goes down in the future you can get it from my FTP. It runs on XP SP2 and SP3 so I have copied it to both locations:… or…

Also grab the updated PepperFlash Flash Player from my FTP and copy it to the C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\33.0.1701.0\PepperFlash folder, overwriting the old version! I regularly upload the current versions to my FTP. As of this writing version is the current version. PepperFlash is the customized version of Flash Player built into Chrome. So at least with Chrome 33, Flash 16 and maybe an antivirus you’ll be somewhat up to date. The standalone versions of Chrome are unable to update by themselves and you don’t want to be running outdated Flash.