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July 31, 2010 at 13:21:21
Specs: Windows XP-pro
How do I tell if I actually have a Dell server with a workstation?


Dell T3400

Server- Intel Core 2 Duo E4500@2.2 GHz
2 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 399 MHz 6-6-6-18


Dell Optiplex 330

Intel Celeron 420 @ 1.6 GHz Conroe-L 65nm technologies.

1.0 GB Single - Channel DDR2 @ 332 MHz (5-5-5-15)

I purchased a Teleflora POS system and was told I could add up to 9 additional workstation to my server. What did they actually sell me?

My workstation never has worked properly.

I have it hooked up to a simple Comcast modem and router, provided by Comcast.

I was originally given a netgear FVS 338 VPN, but could not get it to work when I received a new modem and router a few weeks ago.

I have been told by Teleflora that I must use the netgear router and found out the hard way it had a built in IP address which somehow was en-coded into my printer. This all happened when I change modem and the Comcast tech said why do you need two routers?

When I disconnected the netgear router, I could not get my printer to work, until I reset the default setting on my printer (Dell 5210n).

I still can not get my workstation to print.

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July 31, 2010 at 13:34:11
At the bottom line, you have a POS system and can not print to the connected printer from your workstation?

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July 31, 2010 at 14:10:06
Yea after I changed the router, neither my server nor workstation would print. I had a great dell tech help me out and discovered the printer had different IP address en-code from I'm amusing the netgear router. (I'm not sure how that works, all I know is that Teleflora said I could not change the router).

The Dell tech got my system to work, but a few days later the setting where changed and I had to re-config the system over again. No one messed with my computer, which was an early post, is it was possible for Teleflora to change my setting without me allowing, even knowing what their doing.

I'm now being told from Dell that I'm not allowed to speak to Dell directly. I have to go through Teleflora, even though I have a 3 year on-site warranty.

I have been told that I might not have a workstation/server, that's what I'm trying to figure out. How can I tell the difference? What is the difference?

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July 31, 2010 at 14:34:19
A workstation can also be configured as a server.

If we talk about real server hardware, it's mostly faster, with special chipsets or processors, networkcards, that meets the need of a multiuser network environment, more and faster RAM (memory) that all is specially poofed for functionality a.s.o.

In general, a server is a machine, that provides services to other machines and users.

Are you able to enter the netgear routers web console setup, to change the configuration, or don't you have the username and password, that is needed for the configuration?

If Dell told you, that you must noch change the router, it's because of remote support from Dell.
If you change the router, Dell or Teleflora can not establish a connection to your system and can't provide the support, garanteed in the contract.

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August 2, 2010 at 07:14:59
You brought up a very sore subject, the very point of the post. I don't want Teleflora support @ $150 per month. I purchased a simple POS program, with a sever and workstation. I don't want their support nor do I need their support.

Their system is the pits; they have made it impossible to keep the system running as is.

My other point I don't want them going into my system and changing things. How would I know if their looking at my data base.

One program with two computers so if I was busy I would be able to help two customers at the same time.

My workstation never has worked properly and still doesn't to this day. It's slow/locks-up and I can not get the printer to work, both my receipt and regular printer that prints the work orders.

Teleflora doesn't want you to call Dell for support, then they would be out $150 per month TIMES Maybe 30,000 users? What’s that come to.

My third point, I would have never purchased the system if I would have realized I would be locked into $150 maintenance a month. They waived it the first 6 months. Plus I only thought it was for question about the program. NO, 99% is re-configuring the system after something happens.

I was never told I would not be able to restore my system, I learned the hard way.

Many different problems have occurred with this system. Problems they have hidden from me, before I purchased the system.


Can you even buy xp-pro anymore? The program will only run on xp-pro, so I was told.

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August 2, 2010 at 10:05:45
As far as I know, you can't buy Windows XP anymore.
And I guess, the program will not only work on XP but on a 32-Bit operating system, that also supports 16-Bit applications.
I don't know the program you're running, but if it is a 16-Bit program, you have to use Windows Vista 32-Bit or better Windows 7 32-Bit version, because both do support 16 Bit applications while the 64-Bit version doesn't.

Anyway, you learned hard to read the contract with all the small print.

I also guess, a professional expert can change the router, so that no one can login to your system, and make the printer getting to work on that other router.

The netgear router, you originally use, can also be reconfigured, so that no one can login to your system. But you need the username and password for this router in the first place.

But you see, this is all theoretic. If I could see the system, I could get an idea of the system an how to get it to work.

Best is, to consult an expert and ask for that.
I also wouldn't wonna have someone logged in to my system without my knowledge.
And I also would have payed for a working system, not for a permanent lot.

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