sent pictures in windows live go through as t

July 27, 2011 at 07:27:40
Specs: Windows XP
sent pictures in jpg format in windows live are received as text only, have xp pro and internet expore 8

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July 27, 2011 at 12:37:46
Windows Live is, or can be, a suite of programs.

Do you mean you sent *.jpg files to someone in an email by using Windows Live Mail ?

What do you mean "received as text only" ?

Do they open on the recipient's computer in Notepad as gibberish ?

Or - is the recipient getting the text of the email but not the attached *.jpg files ?

Did you send the email with the *.jpg files to just one person, or to more than one ?
If more than one, are all of the recipients having the problem ?

If the *.jpg files open on the recipient's computer in Notepad as jibberish.....

If only one recipient is having the problem, then it may be a problem on that person's computer.
E.g. they have set Windows to open *.jpg files with Notepad .

To fix that in XP on THEIR computer...

Control Panel - Classic View - Folder Options - File types

scroll down the list to JPG.

The default is it should say JPEG image, and it opens with Microsoft Picture and Fax viewer

If it says it's set to open with Notepad , highlight the line and select the Delete button, click on OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window. Restart the computer..
Windows will then open *.jpg files with the default program.

If the recipient is getting the text of the email but not the attached *.jpg files....

Some email servers have a filter program that automatically blocks *.jpg files because some malware is sent as *.jpg files..

If you use a program to compress one file of a file type that is blocked , or compress a list of files of that file type, usually the same filtering software will not block that, because the resulting file extension is acceptable to the filtering software..

All computers that have XP on them have a built in compression program that makes *.zip files - anyone who has XP can easily open the compressed file and extract it's contents.
Select the list of *.jpg files you want to send, RIGHT click, and select Add to Zip or similar, to make a compressed file. Attach that compressed file to your email.

Note that I have WinZip loaded on my XP computer. I'm assuming you will see Add to Zip or similar.

If you don't see Add to Zip or similar when you RIGHT click on the selected file(s), you may need to install a program that can make zip files.

I use an OLD version of WinZip.
It works fine in any version of Windows 9x and up.

WinZip 7.0 is available here:

I don't know if Windows 2000 has the built in program that can open *.zip files.

Windows 9x and ME do not have a built in program that can open *.zip files.

WinZip 7 is a good program to install in those operating systems. It has long file and folder name support, it supports multiple floppy (spanned) *.zips, the download is small enough to fit on a floppy disk, and it will use much less space on your hard drive than newer WinZip versions do.

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