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Ibm Thinkpad 600x
January 16, 2009 at 21:17:05
Specs: Windows XP Professional, SP3, SpeedStepping P3 650MHz / 320MB PC100
god its been awhile since ive been active here... when did computing net become part of toms guide?

anyways, ive been having this odd problem with my thinkpad. actually, tew thinkpads. and tew issues. Under Windows XP, both on boot up and whenever I connect to a network (ethernet or wifi-g) i get this issue where "scvhost.exe" pegs the CPU until i kill it via Task Manager. also, the network does not seem to work until i kill the process.

the other issue i have been having with XP is the System process. Whenever i go to copy some files off my external hard drive, the System process jumps to max and stays there until the copy is done, most of the time. just a min ago i disabled Avast! (my antivirus) and the CPU usage dropped to nothing. Could this probably be blamed on Avast?

and some details i should say:
I started out on a TP 600E, with this current Windows install on 288MB memory and tew 80GB hard drives (2nd hard drive adapter for ultraslimbay). both the issues above occurred. Just today, i got my paws on most of a TP 600X. so, wanting an upgrade very badly, i Ghosted my system partition (so i could return later if needed) and then tore apart both units and built up the TP 600X. I booted up and played with it for awhile. watched Balto III from the DVD drive. loved it. then decided to copy some avi movies from my external drive. CPU went max for the time it was copying, and stayed there until (i think) i disabled Avast in a just-for-the-hell-of-it moment. CPU went down to nothing.

the specs of both units:
TP 600E:
Pentium II 400MHz
288MB ram
80GB hard drive 5400RPM (main hard drive)
80GB hard drive 5400RPM (ultrabay adapter)
NeoMagic 2 megabyte crap video
USB WiFi, 3Com 16-bit PCMCIA Ethernet

SpeedStep Pentium III 650MHz
320MB ram
the tew hard drives from above
Mini-PCI wifi, 3Com card from above
slightly less crappy NeoMagic 4 megabyte crap video

Windows XP SP3 (same install on both machines, installed new video driver after bootup on 600X)

stuff that runs in background:
Directory Opus 9
DAEMON Tools 4.09
Novell NetWare Client icon
Winamp 2.90
Avast AV

btw the difference between the E and the X is very big. i much like it.

any thoughts?


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January 17, 2009 at 05:38:37
First of all, both Notebooks are dead slow for runnig Windows XP with the must have software installed, like antivirus, firewall, antispam a.s.o.

In addition, both do not have enough ram for Windows XP to work a little bit faster.
So everytime, windows starts a program, it has to use it's page file, to free up ram for the newly started program. This really slows down the performance of your notebook.

Under the given circumstances, it's ok that the cpu usage rises up to 100 percent, when copying files. because your antivirus software has to scan each file for viruses.

So all in all, if possible, a bit more ram could help a bit, to speed up your notebooks.
Your TPs are pretty good notebooks, but unfortunately out of date for WinXP.

Please send a reply, if you solved the problem !!!

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January 17, 2009 at 08:59:12
its defenetly not an issue with the TP's specs. this is a Windows problem - the install is about 2 years old and has been Ghosted quite a few times with hard drive failures and me loaning the laptop to a few people - and other than the issues with file copy and at first with connecting the network, its pretty fast. faster than my dad's 800MHz T22 in daily use.

i really do not want to do a Windows reinstall otherwise i would have and probably would have rid myself of the issues above. what i really need is an explination of why the scvhost process pegs the cpu.

as for antivirus, firewall, spam... i only use Avast and do not run a software firewall. i never have and never will enable Windows Automatic Updates - a friend of mine did this to his T20 and now i refuse to work on it because he refuses to disable automatic updates. a lot of useless services and startup apps have been disabled.

just for the hell of it, i may Ghost the OS image onto a 60GB desktop drive and drop it into an 866MHz PIII tower with 512MB ram and see how it runs.-

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