scanner G3110

February 26, 2009 at 00:17:47
Specs: winxp pro, duocore 2.8GH/2GB
Who does what?

Dear Readers,
I had a recent virus attack and with the usual hassle got everything that had been affected reinstalled .

This included winXP itself.

The problem
One program resisted, the HP Scanjet g3110.

I contacted their help after several fruitless remove => reinstall cycles following their fault/help software instructions.

They human operators were very polite, suggesting new avenues to explore, combinations of remove all HP on the PC through to look for updates on the web.
Very logical but I cried off after almost an hour of this phone chat because I began to think the phone bill would cost more than the scanner did.

I muzzled over the few clues that had consistently appeared. The main one being an HP error message just before scanning that it couldn't guarantee the scan would be successful because some needed software was missing, corrupt or imperfectly installed.

It all began to sound like win XP itself was to blame. So reluctantly I did a winXP repair install.

Once again I had to retouch several programs and after half a day... all was working correctly.

Ah also....I used my AVG nasties sleuth, Ad-aware and spybot ( as well as a few others) but in all cases they reported a clean bill of health.
So as far as I could see all was well.... except for the scanner.

Summary to here
The Scanner complains that it can't find a needed bit of something to let it do its job.

XP control panel tools show that all the latest drivers are installed.

Conclusion, chuck the scanner outside into the garbage scan and buy another...

Then I remembered I had had similar problem with an older Epson scanner in Win98SE... getting it installed after a virus attack.

Then it turned out to be something to do with the twain software. Maybe in this present situation something was needed to update the twains ???
But no, all stayed the same after trying out newest twain version.

Then the bulb lit up ( ecological low consumption type)
But what if there was some program out there that could do what Hp was supposed to do and let me scan again....
Yes, I found it.
Yes, I installed it.
Yes, I can scan again
Yes, I'm happy but puzzled


No conclusion. Just unanswered questions

Q1. When a software says it is missing 'something' logically it should be able to say could not use e.g. driver 'xxx.dll' or whatever. Why doesn't it HP?

Q2. When an OS has software that won't run, why can't it go into some sort of SAFE MODE and monitor the installation steps up to the point where the installation process fails?

I'd love to hear from anyone who has actually solved something similar to the above preferably a scanner problem



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February 26, 2009 at 01:17:26
Thats a good little story lol What program did you find to get your scanner working?

You said that you use AVG, so it didnt help detect your virus? What sort of virus was it?

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February 26, 2009 at 02:46:50
The virus was installed by a trojan from a "free" software site.

Really nasty, because it got into the bios and stopped access to the CD drive ( needed to boot) as well as other manifestations.

Of course my PC has no floppy. But I managed to get restarted with a Bart PE disk.

As for the program itself, we will have to let the moderator decide if it is ethical to publish a program that supplants HP.

You can of course e-mail me and I'll give you the URL.

That leaves my original question in the air?
Has any one had similar problems with the scanner installation and how did they resolve the issue?


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