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December 19, 2010 at 13:34:34
Specs: windows xp, 800 MBs
Am haveing a problem with an older computer, A305W, that was doing ok, and i moved it to another room. I have done a restore on it, about 4 years ago, and used it often, putting things on, and takeing things off. It was kind of sluggish useing, but, when i moved it to another room, it did not do crap. I worked with it awhile, with no results, so, i decided to do another system recovery. I have 8 cd's, that i made when i bought the unit to do this, and everything went good until i got to disk 2. I would get an error, " cannot load C:master log". I tried, and tried, but could never get pass this. When i try to do a full restore from my system, i can only guess i lost that when i tried the recovery from the disk, when it said formatting. Now when i try to open recovery, it sends me to, askingt for disk 2, and when i put disk 2 in, it tells me this is not the correct disk. I am at a loss now, and wander if i created a boot disk, if it would help. If i had to create a boot disk, i would not know which to do. If anyone has a clue on something to look for as a strart with this, please let me know.

ps: when i start my system from beginning, i now get a message, "NTLDR is missing-press ctrl+alt+del to start". when i do that it carries me back to same message. i know i screwed it up, but am just trying to find if i can get thru this....sorry

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December 19, 2010 at 15:37:11
What program created those 8 CDs? Sounds like way too many for a factory restore set.

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December 19, 2010 at 15:40:16
do notknow the program, there was an area on the computer from Microsoft, that was telling me to create backup disk. i used cd, and not dvd.

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December 20, 2010 at 19:07:41
I managed to work it out. found that i took the restore disk, that were several years old, and made another copy of them. i then ran a recovery, and all was well. thanks.

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December 21, 2010 at 18:34:18

Remembered your PM and dropped by to see how you were getting on. Glad to hear that you sorted it out and sorry I was unable to assist on this one.

We all live on a ball.

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