Replaced HD Only boot to advance options page

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August 21, 2010 at 13:01:38
Specs: Windows XP sp3 media center, 256
I have a friends OLD Inspiron 1150 (svc tag:d31ml51) where the HDD has failed. I replaced it with a not quite as old HDD (Hitachi model: hts421240h9at00) which worked in my OLD laptop until the DC jack went out and I replaced the computer.
When I got the 'new' HDD in and turned on the laptop it went to the advance options screen. I entered 'start windows normally' and the countdown clock froze and I had to restart. It went back to the advance options screen so I chose 'last known good config' and the same thing happened. So I restarted and it went back to the advance options screen and I tried safe mode. It then went to the running page of files and froze. So I restarted and it went back to the advanced options screen and I just let the clock run. It froze on 0. Like I said, the replacement HDD worked when I last used it, so I'm guessing its something else...maybe. When my friend was using it with the old HDD it hadn't been used in a couple years due to virius infections. I reinstalled the OS and it worked fine for a few days. She went to turn it on one day and got a black screen after the Dell splash screen. Did an ESD and a restart and restarted into BIOS. Could not find a way to get into XP. It will go into BIOS but the same thing happens after exiting. Ran a diag and it gives an HDD error on the newer HDD. Currently looking for a different HDD to try but what else could it be?? Shes kinda pretty and I'd like to help! HA!!

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August 21, 2010 at 19:19:38
Well the majority of your initial problem was caused by trying to boot a transplanted operating system. XP and all later windows versions are extremely linked to the hardware environment they were installed in.
If you have run a HDD diagnostic and gotten errors, then that may or may not indicate HDD failure. It usually does but sometimes there are other reasons such as faulty data cables that can give false HDD errors

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August 21, 2010 at 19:22:59
Humm. Right now I dont have any way to format that dive. Other than the environment and wire problem what else could it be other than both HDD's are faulty?

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