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November 24, 2008 at 14:08:07
Specs: Windows XP Media Med, P4 2.8GHz/(1024+256)
Is there anyway i can recover the original filenames for the .CHK files created by chkdsk?i know the proper extensions of the files,but i need the filenames as well.there are probably a 1000 of these .CHK files in the FOUND fact,is there any application which can somehow recover the filenames and rename them as well?it would take a hell lot of time to rename them manually,forget about recovering the original filenames!!
Thnk You!!!

I'm trying to give up procrastination......maybe from tomorrow.

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November 24, 2008 at 14:25:13
There is no way to recover the filename of a .CHK file. The files are there because the data within has become detached from the directory entry containing the file name.

.CHK files are generated because there is an entry pointing to the data in the File Allocation Table but no corresponding entry in the Directory entry - a lost cluster. It could also be a crossed linked cluster where two different directory entries point to the same cluster chain.

The data in .CHK files are lifted directly from the hard disk on the assumption the contagious cluster belong to the same file which may or may not be the case. If the file was fragmented then different .CHK files will contain data for a paricular file.

Unless the data is mission critical and you have no backups then deleting them is the best option. Making sense of them could be a long laborious job.


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November 25, 2008 at 12:53:56
I think just deleting the CHK files would kill the purpose of having them created in the first place.I used FileCHK,unchk and CHK-Mate to try to recognise the files.I found that both unchk and CHK-Mate usually crash(or maybe just take too much time)while trying to make sense of the CHK files.FileCHK on the other hand quickly changed the extension of the files it recognised,although it couldn't recognise many of them(which were mainly Video/Audio files,in my case & whose extension i had to change manually)
All this is well and good.But the task of having to rename the files(not the extensions) is tedious n i need a better solution.
Thanx Stuart for the reply!

I'm trying to give up procrastination......maybe from tomorrow.

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February 17, 2009 at 15:23:20
Hi there. I am no computer boffin at all, but a similar thing happened to me...why I dont know... after finding all the files in a FOUND.000 folder which had all been modified with the extension .CHK this is what I did to try and make the recovery a little easier ( there were 1000s!! )
I first did a batch remame of the file extension like this - click on: start, run, say ok to cmd, in the windowthat appears type g: and press enter
type cd FOUND.000 ( or whatever the folder is they are in and dont forget the spaces)
type dir
A list of all those files should appear
type ren *.chk *.jpg ( dont forget the spaces)
type dir
The file extensions should then all change to jpg.

You the go to the folder and open it. All files which ARE jpgs will be able to be seen if you view as thumbnails. YOu can then copy and paste them to a new folder and then delete them from the FOUND folder .
This process was then repeated by changing the file extentions *.jpg to *.pdf (my next choice because pdf files can also be seen in thumnails view.) Next extension I tried was *.avi. Then *.doc.
It starts to become a bit more difficult now and a simple process of elimination because you need to look at them one at a time!!! BUT i found that if I viewed then by DETAIL at the very bottom of the list it may give you a name or title OR it would say USER modified or AUTHOR modified. Those are the ones I started with opening and saving again to a new file. Some I recognised as a wav or mp3 file by the name and then I did a rename of JUST the extension to .wav or.mp3 and tried to open it. In most cases I was successful OR you can batch change the file extension to .wav or.mp3 using the method above. Each time you find a recognised file you can re-save files to your newly creatd folder ( rename them with the file extension though) you then delete them from the FOUND.000 folder
( Now you start seeing SOME light at the end of the tunnel!!!)
Any of my files and folders that were part of some editing program ( eg publisher,live pix, Pinnacle etc ) I lost as the program obviously now could not find the photo BUT the original jpg. has been of course found.
My coral Draw projects I recognised simpley by the Size of the file and changed the extension individually in that case to *.cdr

This is a LONG WINDED process but it worked!!
THEN with only about 2000 files left I turned to the route of using UNCHK as you suggestedby batch changing them all back to *.CHK. Many of my Jpg files came up again but in a very small format but I deleted them as I had already recovered them. Where this helped it to find any outstanding Doc and excel files.

This maybe taking Ice to the North POle for you but there it is for any other unlucky soul who this happened to. Do you know WHY he files are modified in the first place?

BUT the renaming of the files NO joy!!! If you have any solutions there, would appreciate that.

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February 17, 2009 at 16:29:27
"I think just deleting the CHK files would kill the purpose of having them created in the first place."

Sorry but you clearly don't understand what chkdsk is or why it ran or how it corrects disk corruption.

These thousands of files are fragments not complete files. You would be lucky to view any of them as text. Usually they are just garbage which is why you delete them.

Creating these files is the only way chkdsk can clean up the file tables and get your usable space back.

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February 17, 2009 at 17:15:13
Thank You Karin for the reply.As you can see,the post is quite old now and the issue has long been resolved.i had pretty much done the same as you have mentioned in your reply.Anyways, a reply is always appreciated as someone else might benefit from it.

About renaming the files, like some of the replies told me, there is actually no way of recovering the original file name...which is basically why the files ended up in the Found.000 folder.To rename them,you can as well use a batch file renaming application,hundreds of which are there for free download on sites like
Hope it helps you or someone else who's unlucky enough to end up with .chk files.

To Wanderer:
I do not completely agree with what you have said.CHK files are not trash.They are just files whose filenames have been lost due to a corrupt MFT.They may not always valid files(ocassionally a few garbage files and corrupt files do exist) but most of the time,from my experience,I have found that they are working files whose extension u have to change on your own,which you can do by following the method Karin just explained.

Thank you again for your replies

I'm trying to give up procrastination......maybe from tomorrow.

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