removing dublicate files do's and dont's ?

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April 28, 2010 at 04:56:12
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.793 GHz / 3070 MB
Can someone give me information on the do's and do nots of dublicate file removal . I downloaed a freeware app called Easy Dubicate Finder ,have not installed it yet ,however I did first downloaded differant dubilcate fiule finder ,however it turned out not to be freeware ,it was by softpedia and it performed a free scan and found alot of dublicate files that took up a large chunk of hard drive space? I gathered from what I read you should not include Windows system files in this scan . However what about software apps that install a .dll file you already have installed from another app etc. I do not want to mess things up rather just do some house cleaning ? I have a total of aprx 1/2 a tarabite of H.D. space with my Internial HD (250G.B.) and my Externial H.D.(320G.B.) and I may have utilized 10% of my total H.D. space available at this point . I still see no need to waste H.D. space with unessary dubilicate files . Any and all recamenations greatly appreciated !
Thank You All ,Nick

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April 28, 2010 at 06:13:31
If you're worried about wasting space, stop downing stupid programs like "Easy Dubicate Finder". You just love to look for ways to fix things that aren't broke, don't you.

If you want to save space, go to Internet Options > Browsing History > Settings, & see what the Temp Internet File "disk space to use" is set at. The recommendation is 50-250MB but chances are, your setting is WAY higher. Knock it down to 100MB.

Now look under History > Days to keep pages. My guess is your's is set to 20 days. I keep mine set at zero because I don't want any garbage to accumulate. Set it to something reasonable, 5-7 days?

Now take your old temp file disk space amount X the number of days & do the math. I'll take a stab at it & guess your temp space was about 2048MB (it may have even been more).

2048MB x 20 days = 40, 960MB (40GB)

New settings:

100MB x 7 days = 700MB

Potential saved space:

40, 960MB - 700MB = 40,260MB (39.32GB)

Another thing you can do you save a significant amount of space is change the setting for System Restore. By default, System Restore can claim up to 12% of the HDD space. Do the math...

250GB HDD = 233GB actual size (approx)

233GB x 12% = 28GB (approx)

I've read the average XP System Restore point file is approx 100MB...that's a LOT of restore points! And they are stored for up to 90 days! Now consider this, if your system was to screw up today & you had to use System Restore, how far back would you go to restore it, a few days, a few weeks, a few months? More than likely you'd just go back ONE restore point. Adjust the slider so that the max disk space used is approx 2GB. That will still leave you with plenty of points to fall back on if necessary.

Potential saved space:

28GB - 2GB = 26GB

Between the History Setting & System Restore setting, I just saved you over 65GB. That's beats the hell out of deleting a few "dublicate" DLL file that are maybe 200KB in size?

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April 29, 2010 at 05:53:53
Hey Jam ,
Thanks for the advice and instructions on the history setting and system restore . I already have changed the percentage of H.D. space allocated to system restore to 4% and I have CCleaner the latest version installed and I believe that actually deletes the history ,index.dat files ,etc ! What I noticed in the scan for dublicates is that is seems almost every program I have installed on my PC has two copies of its image files for these applications , when I open to look at them they are images on the buttons and layout of the application . It almost like I have two copies of every app on my system ? I do agree that the dublicate finder app should go ,Iam certainly not going to start deleting files without knowing enough to insure the integrity of my O/S ! I have alot of H.D. space still available and as you stated my PC is not broke or giving me any problems at all ! In this instance the "if it ain't broke don't fix it definitley applies" !
Thanks Again ,Nick
P.S. I checked my internet history setting and it was already set to 50MB !

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