Reformat - net no longer works!

March 26, 2009 at 01:28:06
Specs: Windows XP Home
Hello folks,

My PC was full of rubbish so I decided on a complete format and reinstall of XP Home, I'd previously been using XP Pro.

I backed up everything I thought I'd need for maximum stress relief such as all personal files etc but didnt backup drivers and the like.

anyway, at the moment these are my issues:

I'm running a cable modem (Scientific Atlantic Webstar DXP 100) with Virgin Media, 10 Meg.

The modem is connected via ethernet.

The net connects at about 500kbs maximum for around 10 minutes before the Data light goes out and connection hangs.

I managed to install XP Service pack 2 which allowed me to actually get on to the net for the above mentioned 10 minutes... but im trying to install service pack 3 at the minute and its 244 meg and taking me days. ANNOYING.

Also my USB 2.0 ports are acting as USB 1.0.

Please help!!!!

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March 26, 2009 at 01:34:56
there was no need to install SP2. SP3 has all the updates from day one through the release of SP3.

If you have access to a different computer with a fast connection and a burner you could slipstream SP3 into your WinXP CD files and then burn the resulting files onto a CD. nLite will allow you to do that rather easily. You can also slipstream most of the drivers too but it would be better to just download them and burn to a separate CD.

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March 26, 2009 at 01:43:29

Thanks for your rapid reply - unfortunately a) no access to another PC with burner (My friends etc do but I cannot ask them as they are less computer literate than myself)

When you say slipstream (Never heard that in an un-racing related topic!) I am assuming you mean to incorporate the SP3 files into my WINXP CD somehow?

I have a Win XP CD with both XP Home and Pro on it I obtained from my place of work with two licences... what would my next step be?

I've thought about using that program 'Driver detective' to automatically tell me what I need and download them all for me but it costs about $25 and I cannot justify it if it is all contained within SP3?

Will my modem connection problems resolve with SP3?

Thanks again

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March 26, 2009 at 04:14:16
If you have a pre-built computer the best source for the drivers is the manufacturer of the computer.

If you have a custom built unit then download and run SIW.exe. That utility should tell you what hardware you have. Get SIW at the link below.

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