recover Acer 1640 after substituing Hard Disk

Acer / Aspire 1640
June 13, 2012 at 05:13:10
Specs: Windows XP
I've got an Acer aspire 1640 and when it was just bought I've saved a Recovery DVD using Erecovery manager.

Some years ago my hard disk died and I've substituited it with a new one, that has no partition.

Now, because of virus and some caos, I want to recover my acer and bring it to the factory condition. I've tried with Alt+F10 but it doesn't work, probably because I do not have a Disk partion any more....
is there someone who can halp me?

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June 13, 2012 at 05:49:22
Alt+F10 won't work because you installed a blank hard drive. Pressing that will the factory installed drive causes your computer to start off of an alternate partition. You could either use the recovery disc that you created, or you could install windows from scratch. You'll need to get your hands on a Windows XP OEM disc (see if any of your friends own an old dell computer, they always came with one) and use the key that's on the sticker on the bottom of the computer. This site may be helpful:

Andrew Leonard
BL Technical Services
IT Support Maryland

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June 13, 2012 at 05:51:44
The Recovery CD should work even on a new hard drive that contains no partitions. The Recovery process is capable of creating the required partition, and is also capable of formatting that partition before re-installing Windows on it. It does all that automatically.

The "ALT + F10" method only applies when using the Recovery Partition on the original hard drive to perform a factory recovery. You cannot use that method because the recovery partition no longer exists (it was on the old hard drive).

To perform recovery from your recovery CD, you must first set up your laptop so that it boots from the CD drive which contains the recovery CD.

Instructions here:

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June 13, 2012 at 10:00:22
Hopefully you did make good disks and they are still OK.

Boot to them. Sad part is that some disks do require that you have that hidden partition. If that is the case then maybe Acer will sell you a new set for a small fee.

A real problem here is that you allowed your system to get infected.

Hang up and live.

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