rebuilt with old hdd

Asus P5ql-e motherboard
November 12, 2009 at 02:27:33
Specs: windows xp sp2
hi, ive rebuilt a new computer and replaced everything in it but my old hp pavillion 40gb boot disc, and now it wont load past bios and just has the flashing dash in the top left corner, ive checked all the plugs, and taken all out but the necasary parts but still nothing, any help would be grand.
asus p5ql-e mobo, intel celeron dual core 2.4, kingston ddr2 ram 2x1 gb sticks, with a thermaltake 55watt psu and a gs8200 graphics card.

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November 12, 2009 at 02:36:22
You cannot just take a hard disk out of one computer and put it into another and expect to boot. All the hardware drivers installed with the operating system will relate to the old hardware and not the new.

They way to get round it is to boot from your windows CD and do a repair install, sometimes called an in place install. This will replace the necessary hardware drivers and keep all you programmes and settings intact.


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November 12, 2009 at 03:30:16
With Xp and above there may also be licensing issues involved. Technically all retail copies can be transferred, but it may mean calling Microsoft support to activate over the phone. Activating over the net sometimes refuses to work with a message along the lines of "this copy of windows has been activated too many times".

Oem copies are more of a grey area, I heard they will normally transfer the license, but supposedly don't have to.

When I transferred my retail copy of XP home even activating over the phone refused to work, I had to choose "if you believe this is an error press x" and talk to an operator.

I always clean format and reinstall if I need to, so I'm unsure if a repair install requires reactivation...

It's a pity, because win98 used to handle having the disk swapped quite well in most cases, I've had an ubuntu install handle it well too. I doubt they couldn't make it work modern windows, it's just a very handy license enforcer.

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