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December 12, 2010 at 17:32:22
Specs: Windows XP Pro
My PC has never given me any problems until now. For some reason, today when I turned it on, it was a little slower than usual but nothing mayor. I tried a little gaming but then my PC got really slow to the point where it didn't do anything. I restarted my PC and it was stuck on the Windows XP loading screen and would not do anything, I restarted again and tried going into safemode which took 10-15 min. Then the usual wall of file names appeared and got stuck on Mup.sys. I waited until my PC would allow me to login, which was another 5 min. After that I went into admin account, gave my PC a good scan with Avira, and also ran MalewareBytes and Spybot, my pc was completely clean. I tried restarting again but this time I unplugged all USB devises (mouse, keyboard, and webcam) as I read somewhere that doing this might help. It got stuck on the loading screen again, but after 10 min I went into the login screen. I plugged my mouse and keyboard into different USB slots and my PC only recognized the mouse. I unplugged the mouse and keyboard, replugged the keyboard on a different slot and my PC recognized it after 3min. I logged into my account, waited for things to "settle", plugged my mouse and now my PC is running kinda fine... Right now I'm backing up some files in case the next restart doesn't workout too well.

Anyone has any idea what could have caused this and how to solve it? I don't wanna go through the whole plug/unplug process every time I want to use my PC (everyday). Any help will be very much appreciated.

EDIT: Another symptom is that whenever I try to play a fully loaded video on youtube or another video site, it skips frames and sound like a dirty DVD would do when you play it.

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December 12, 2010 at 23:39:32
Kiasuka, SWAG, possible you've got some sort of nasty (virus, worm/trojan, etc.?). Be aware that a virus and a Trojan are similar, but not the same. Many times, an AV detects one it can't clean, other times, it gets missed entirely.
If you need to clean one, Superantispyware (info only. I’m not paid for recommendation. WARNING! FYI, a full scan on mine takes over an hour.) can do the job and you can get it free @:
among other places. They have a Vista compatible version if needed. Dunno about Windows 7 or later.
If it turns out that you need to use it, be sure to update Superantispyware prior to running. Disable 'restore' after cleaning and run it again (to remove any nasties living there, restart after cleaning) so the nasty doesn't get put back should you later ‘restore’. They just released a new update recently and it changes all the time. Things are in a constant state of flux.
The restore thing is critical. May not be your deal at all, but won't hurt anything to try.
Ed in Texas.

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