Problem with Show Windows version on desktop

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August 29, 2010 at 07:57:24
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.793 GHz / 3070 MB
In Twaek UI,I have it set to show what version of Windows is installed on my PC on the desktop ! It was always working right above the toolbar in the lower right hand corner the Window version with #'s was showing . Well I thought it had completely stop showing the version however when restarting the PC upon shut down you see the version is actually behind the toolbar ? Why and exactly when this behavoir started Iam not sure . I tried going to Tweak UI in the control panel and removing the "show what version of Windows on Desktop" by unchecking the box for that option ,then I re-entered the check mark thats B/4 I realized it was behind the toolbar? Anyone with an idea on how I can get the Windows Version back above the toolbar ,I would be very gratfulll. I know its a trivial thing however I like when things behave the way they are suppose to,unlike my teenage kids ! My desktop is set to 1024x768 pixels and I tried changing the resolution just to see if that would make a dif. no joy ! All replies greatly appreciated !

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August 29, 2010 at 08:52:17
Well Iam feeling kind of ,no very stupid right now ! Becasue I have a freeware app called Slider Dock which allows you to hide your desktop icons and veiw them in a large circle that you control by spinning the wheel on your mouse ,its actually a pretty cool interface for opening apps. Anyway when I chose hide desktop icons it was also hiding the Windows version . Once I right clicked of any open area on the desktop and set it back to show desktop icons along with the shortcuts the Windows version reappeared ! My deepest apoligies for jumping the gun ,thankfully I did not do any drastic things like editing the registry etc.
All Apoligies, Nick

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