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August 2, 2010 at 23:51:43
Specs: Windows XP
how to get a printer icon

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August 3, 2010 at 00:26:06
You're going to have to be more specific than that.

Do you mean in the system tray? In the Printers section of the Control Panel?

A printer icon will show up momentarily in the system tray when you send something to print. An icon will appear in the Printers folder once you've installed a printer.

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August 3, 2010 at 00:37:06
If you haven't installed the software for a printer you're connecting to your own computer yet, read the installation instructions.
- if the printer is connected via a USB connection, usually you install the software for it BEFORE you plug in the USB cable to the printer.
- if the printer is connected via a parallel cable connection, if it's connected to a printer port built into the mboard, the parallel port mode in the bios Setup usually must be EPP, ECP, or EPP/ECP

USB connected printers are often not detected correctly unless they are plugged into a USB port that's directly connected to or built into the mboard.

If it's connected to your computer, if you've installed the printer's software properly, if the computer is detecting it properly, the icon is in Control Panel - Printers and Faxes.

If it's connected to another computer on a local network, if the software for it was installed properly on the other computer, if that computer is detecting it properly, if that computer has set up a local network and file and printer sharing is enabled on it, if that computer is on, if you have set a local network on your computer and file and printer sharing is enabled on it, the icon for the printer will show up automatically in your Control Panel - Printers and Faxes in a short time the first time but not right away (the drivers for the printer are copied from the other computer over the network) - after that the icon will be there whenever the computer it is connected to is on.

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