presario v6000

Hewlett-packard / Presario v6000
March 21, 2009 at 18:51:08
Specs: Windows XP
my presario v6000 won't come on. It will turn on for a minute to the screen that says it wants to start in safe mode - then it shuts off.

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March 21, 2009 at 21:17:46
My son's v6000 had similar problems, there was a recall on them, go here:

Take special notice of the Second NOTE, you only have a limited time to take advantage.


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March 21, 2009 at 21:54:28
thanks! mine is in the list - so I will call them tomorrow!!!

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April 7, 2009 at 01:59:43
wanna se somthing funny? i spent 2 hours in chat with an hp rep here are the results after TWO HOURS of chat....

Aaron Hammel : Computer wont start/boot...power, volume, wireless lights come on, dvd drive is registered but nothing no fan, no video, no beeps....
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Jagan .]
Aaron Hammel : hello?
Jagan : Welcome to HP Total Care for notebook computer, my name is Jagan. Please give me a minute while I quickly review the issue description.
Aaron Hammel : k
Jagan : Hello Mr. Aaron. How are you doing today?
Aaron Hammel : ok
Jagan : If I understand the issue correctly, we are not able to Turn-on the note book,Am I correct?

Aaron Hammel : yes i can turn it on but nothing happens beside the light
Aaron Hammel : no video
Aaron Hammel : no fan
Aaron Hammel : just lights
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : Thank you for providing the product information.
Jagan : I regret the inconvenience caused. And I will assert my best efforts to resolve this issue by the end of this Chat conversation.
Aaron Hammel : im not sure i would be talking to you if i could do it myself...i just want to know what the problem is
Aaron Hammel : and im sure im not the first to ask about this
Aaron Hammel : hello???
Jagan : Aaron,I understand this issue . And I assure my best efforts to resolve the issue in a timely manner
Aaron Hammel : ok how about today?
Jagan : Yes surely, Aaron.
Jagan : To help you serve in a better way, may I know the product and serial number of the Laptop?

Aaron Hammel : s/n:
Aaron Hammel : p/n:

Jagan : Thank you for providing us with the information.

Jagan : May I know the Operating system that we are using on the computer?
Aaron Hammel : vista
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : May I know since when have we been facing this issue?
Aaron Hammel : anout 2 days
Aaron Hammel : about
Jagan : Thank you.
Jagan : May I know if you have performed any troubleshooting steps to resolve/clear the issue before contacting/us?
Aaron Hammel : yes
Aaron Hammel : i removed the battery and the reset the memory procedure
Jagan : Okay.
Aaron Hammel : nothing else would seem appropriate
Aaron Hammel : oh and the power cord thing
Aaron Hammel : thats on the web site
Jagan : Okay,Thank you for providing us with the information.
Aaron Hammel : okay
Jagan : May I know if we have done any hardware or software changes, recently?
Aaron Hammel : nope
Aaron Hammel : have done none
Jagan : Have you installed any new hardware or software recently?
Aaron Hammel : i just answered you
Aaron Hammel : no i havent
Jagan : Thank you for providing us with the information.
Aaron Hammel : i read some posts ont the net of people who say they have similar problems and say it might be the nvidia chip
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : May I please, place the chat session on hold for 3 minutes while I research on the issue and get a quick resolution for you?
Aaron Hammel : sure
Jagan : Thank you.
Aaron Hammel : thank u
Jagan : Thank you for being on hold.
Jagan : Thank you for your patience. The following steps should help you resolve the issue:
Jagan : Aaron, Are you with me.
Aaron Hammel : yup
Aaron Hammel : still here
Aaron Hammel : waithing...
Jagan : Okay
Jagan : Are you chating from the same laptop which you are facing the issue.
Aaron Hammel : man are you serious????
Aaron Hammel : are you for real???
Aaron Hammel : are you a person????
Aaron Hammel : are you human???
Jagan : Sorry.
Aaron Hammel : .....
Aaron Hammel : ok can we get on with it
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : Can you please turn-on the laptop when turning on the laptop keep taping F8 key.
Aaron Hammel : man i have tried that already
Aaron Hammel : there is no visual
Aaron Hammel : doesnt even SOUND like it boots up.....!!!
Jagan : Okay.
Aaron Hammel : you got somthin else in ur arsenal??
Aaron Hammel : plaese tell me ya do
Aaron Hammel : but maybe this hour we could come up with a soulution...???
Jagan : Please give me 2 minutes while I research on this issue and help you in a better way
Aaron Hammel : ok
Jagan : Thank you.
Jagan : Thank you for staying online with me, Aaron. I appreciate your patience.
Jagan : Aaron, let us perform few troubleshooting steps in order to isolate the exact issue.
Aaron Hammel : ok tell me somthin
Aaron Hammel : what u got?
Jagan : Sure, Aaron. Let us try to drain the static energy from the Laptop.
Jagan : Please remove all the external devices connected to the laptop and disconnect the Power Adapter as well.
Aaron Hammel : done
Aaron Hammel : but i think ive done this also
Aaron Hammel : but go ahead
Jagan : Alright, not a problem, Aaron. Let us try it once again.
Jagan : Please remove the battery from the Laptop.
Aaron Hammel : done
Jagan : Now, press and hold the Power button on the Laptop for 60 seconds without insert the battery back.
Jagan : Inserting*
Aaron Hammel : done
Jagan : Now insert the battery back, connect the power adaptor and try to turn on the laptop.
Aaron Hammel : same thing happend that has been happening
Aaron Hammel : i heard the fan for a split second and there are just lights on and nothing else
Aaron Hammel : then the lights will turn off and back on
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : Let us continue the troubleshooting steps in order to isolate the issue.
Aaron Hammel : man, we are doing things i have already tried.....
Aaron Hammel : i came here to get an answer
Aaron Hammel : i know this isnt the first instance this has happend to this series
Aaron Hammel : what did u tell the last person when u couldnt help further?
Aaron Hammel : do u know anything about computers?
Jagan : Sure Aaron. I am putting my best efforts to resolve the issue.
Aaron Hammel : it took u like 4 hours to tell me to push the damn f8 key
Aaron Hammel : !!!
Aaron Hammel : forget this
Aaron Hammel : ill just go buy another laptop not made by hp
Jagan : I am sure by the end of this chat session we can fix the issue.
Aaron Hammel : is the end near?
Aaron Hammel : ok what else u got then
Jagan : Thank you Aaron.
Jagan : Let us proceed with the Hard Disk Drive reseat option to find out whether there is problem with it.
Aaron Hammel : there is no problem with the hard drive...
Aaron Hammel : u wanna know how i know???
Aaron Hammel : i swithced hard drive with other computer and it works!
Aaron Hammel : so its not that!
Jagan : Okay.
Aaron Hammel : damn saved myself and hour on that
Jagan : In that case Aaron, let us check with the Memory cards.
Aaron Hammel : ok
Aaron Hammel : believe i did that also
Aaron Hammel : i think i told you at the start of this chat
Jagan : Okay, Aaron I believe you.
Aaron Hammel : what else u got?
Jagan : Let us perform it once again now. I belive it is necessary.
Aaron Hammel : ok thats fine lets do it
Jagan : Please remove the memory cards.
Aaron Hammel : both or just one?
Jagan : Okay Aaron. Is there any memory card of a different laptop in handy with you now ?
Aaron Hammel : not right now
Jagan : Okay.
Jagan : In that case Aaron, I am so sorry to inform you that, as your laptop is out of warranty you need to pay for the service.
Aaron Hammel : hahahaha
Aaron Hammel : man u are crazy
Aaron Hammel : why didnt u tell me earlierZ?
Jagan : Aaron, I was trying to help you in the possible way.

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