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Gatewa / 835gm
December 20, 2009 at 02:05:49
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.799 GHz / 3315 MB
My system has grown somewhat unstable over time, while there appears to be no virus, malware or other related problems the PC doesn't work like it did.

I often loose my internet connection, or my firewall drops the connection, amongst other problems. After installing and uninstalling many programs there might be program conflicts and not fully uninstalled programs causing problems.

Under the circumstances I think recovering the system and starting over might be the best way to go. With this in mind how should I proceed to protect my photos, music, and other files.

Should I back everything up to CD's and reinstall after I'm up and running.

What other precautions should I take to make this as smooth as possible.

Or is there some other way to restore my system to full functioning ability.

Thank you.

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December 20, 2009 at 03:51:31
"Should I back everything up to CD's and reinstall after I'm up and running. "
after you back up, try this before you reinstall


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December 20, 2009 at 04:18:32
If things are a bad they sound... then regardless of how you set abut improving them... first copy "all" data (files, pics, music etc. you wouldn't wish to lose) to optical-media. Use standard DVD rather than CD as they hold more... And ensure (on another system) that they (the copoises) are truly accessible/readable. And if you have a spare HD... make second set of copies on that too - failing which perhaps a duplicate set of opticals. No single media is crash/loss/fool-proof, totally safe/reliable; so wise to have at least two sets of capoies - and ideally different media too.

Then perhaps run a full virus scan (local utility) - with system restore disabled; even better too - in Safe-Mode. And also an on-line freebie (e.g. - their Housecall) - presuming you can get on-line OK.

If you have Windows Defender - ensure it's upto date; if not installed, then download/install/run it...

Some will suggest CCleaner and to run that; likewise registry-cleaners. I seldom advise registry cleaners... My limited exposure to them has not been positive... CCLeaner does get reasonable reports; but again I had problems with it on W2K and even one XP installation... (Wrecked W2K and damaged XP...!)

Ensure you have "all" drivers that you will need when re-installling assorted bits 'n pieces (on cCD/DVD); likewise that you have all teh OS and apps keys - befoore you possible wipe the system out.

Belarc will help you find all of those...; which then note/print out in hard copy and also maybe save as word doc. (notepad etc.) to a CD/DVD...?

A full defrag; a full checkdisk routine may be wise too - especially the latter - if likely to re-install totally.

If things are truly not as they might be... then having made all your copies etc; and ensured you have a OS/apps etc. "keys" - then start afresh. Ideally reconfigure the drive to have Primary and Extended partitions. Primary for OS/apps/utils etc; Extended for data...

And once all OK again... regularly copy data off the sytem (as in update copies - aka backup is some minds..) and also make an image of the new installatoin (to a bootable DVD). That way you can always re-install that image if things go pear-shapded again in the future? I use Acronis v.11; still around if you look; later version are likely OK too And there are other similar utils out there too...

Overall once data is secure... if it's really bad then likely easier etc. to simply start afresh (rebuild it all) rather than expend time/effort trying to recover a dodgy installation...

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December 21, 2009 at 10:27:36

Thank you for your time on my behalf.

I backed up my documents, music, photos etc. to DVD.

I also downloaded a copy of my firewall, anti-virus, Iobit 360, and PC Decrapifier (as my PC will return to loaded 2005 programs) to install on my PC before it stats downloading all the necessary windows updates.

I have all my installation CD's and license codes to firewall and anti-virus.

It appears that the downloaded firewall and other programs worked as I was able to open them and install them if necessary.

I also have the latest printout of my system on Belarc Advisor as well as Kaspersky's "Get system info" online program.

Virus scan in safe mode with system restore shows nothing. I don't believe that the PC is infected in any way as I'm extremely careful to keep it locked down through several programs and system settings.

As for CCleaner and other registry cleaners I've used over time, as well as constantly installing and un-installing programs over time. I believe this might be the cause of my present problems.

Rather than attempt to fix the system, I feel a reinstall will be the best and most comprehensive thing under the circumstances.

Once again, thank you for your time on my behalf. I'll let you know how everything turns out.


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