Power Spec running WinXP crashed

December 27, 2010 at 13:09:04
Specs: Windows XP, Intel
Cannot get WinXP to boot on PowerSpec B600 series. The computer reads: load needed DLLs for kernel.

When F10 is pressed during start-up request line the system brings up "PC Angel" c2004 SoftThinks. Dialouge box requests "I Agree". Next screen reads "Non-Destructive Recovery". Click on "Next" and the follow-on screen reads "This recovery is not available because a Service Pack (SP3) has been installed on your system recently". Next screen presents two choices - "System Recovery - No Format" and System Recovery - Quick Format".

The computer had been working fine up to December 24, 2010. It was turned off and when restarted on December 26, 2010 it would not startup in Windows.

Having read that: "if I fail to get it right on the recovery process, I stand to lose all personal files" I am asking for help in the next steps that should be taken to recover the files.

PowerSpec B600 Series

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December 27, 2010 at 14:03:08
Obviously if you "Quick Format", you will lose everything. You may be able to recovery your files later, but there's no guarantee. Since the non-destructive isn't available, why don't you try to fix the problem? A reinstall should be the last option, not the 1st.

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December 27, 2010 at 15:34:40
"why don't you try to fix the problem?"

Sorry mickliq but that isn't a very helpful suggestion since the OP came here asking for help to do just that. They realize that any recovery option that involves a format ( Quick or otherwise) will result in data loss.

The system is a laptop with an inbuilt recovery partition. It seems the OP does not have access to a bootable XP disk which would be needed in order to get into recovery console where there may have been other things they could try. There are limited options now available and first priority should be preservation of the data.

Take the drive out and use another PC with suitable adapter or external drive enclosure, to recover the important files & docs. Verify the accessibility of those backup copies.

Then return the drive to it's place & perform full format recovery.

Other option might be to take it to a tech but make sure they back up the files first before repair.

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December 28, 2010 at 17:35:07
@ Richard59
Thank you for the suggestions. You are correct in your analysis of the request. However, the data I need to save is on a desktop computer. (not certain if that matters but it is best that I am clear on describing the components involved) All other events and conditions remain the same as described in my original post.

I am aware that I can attempt the System Recovery - Non-Format first, however at all costs I need to avoid a significant data loss of the files.

I have other computers that are fully functioning on hand. Are the steps as follows for the recovery: physically remove the "harddrive X" that is presently installed on the failing board, open another computer enclosure and plug the "harddrive X" into the flat ribbon cable before or after the new harddive "N", then reboot the surrogate computer and it should show the added harddrive "X"? and at that point I should be able to copy the files to the surrogate computer or an external drive, CD-R, flash drive?

I am capable of completing the tasks presented. However, I am not an expert in this field. Is the best option to take the computer to Micro Center and have them handle the issue in whole?

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