pc turn off without warning.

May 25, 2009 at 05:31:49
Specs: Windows XP
hi there. plz help me if u can.

my pc work fine without any problem. but randomly it hang-up. i can hear fan and HDD working, but display completly mix up or sometimes screen is blank.mostly it happened when i am playing any type of video.

other problems i had in past that might be related to this.
a> i use to get memory error messages.
b)onboard USB and SOUND is not working.

since this problem started i have done follwoing.
1)changed PSU from 340W to 450W.
2)increased memory by 1GB.
3)clean system completly
4) re-installed XP 3 times.<and updated it>
5)disconnected all non use devices (fire-wire card, CD-ROM, DVD RW, FDD)
6) i have 2 graphics cards i have tried both.one is 128MB and other is 256MB

my system is as follows.
OS= Xp pro. SP3.
CPU= 2.8GHz Intel Pentium HT, (Temprature= 40c--42c//104f--106f)fan speed 2858RPM.
Graphics= ati radeon rv 350,, *connect 3D 9550* 256MB AGP 8x, DirectX 9.0
HDD=80GB S-ATA.(3 partations)
RAM=1536MB PC3200.


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May 25, 2009 at 07:03:30
a> did you ever test your memory with memtest86? If not, do it ASAP. If any errors are found, replace the RAM.

b) did you install the motherboard chipset drivers & sound drivers?

1) going from 340W to 450W isn't necessarily an upgrade. You didn't provide any info about either PSU so it's impossible to say, but if you didn't pay roughly $50 for the new PSU, it's probably not a good one.

2) see a> above

3) How did you go about cleaning?

4) What did you expect to accomplish by install XP over & over again?

"HDD=80GB S-ATA.(3 partations)"

How is it partitioned?

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May 26, 2009 at 05:29:09
Oh thanks for your reply.

i checked the memory with some MEMTEST. i cant make work with MEMTEST 86. but it dont show any errors.yes i have installed all the motherboard drivers.i reinstall XP 3 times over 7-8 months i thought it might clear the problem. but now pc turns off more often.i replaced PSU coz my friends told me that my old PSU is not powerfull enough, so i just bought new one. i use shaving brush to clean all the dust inside. and hdd was partationed when installing fresh windows 1st time. after that just formated 1 partation.could it be coz of graphics card coz noramly it goes off when playing some video.


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