PC Going To Sleep?

May 23, 2011 at 12:01:59
Specs: Windows XP Pro, Quad Core/3Gb
Hi There Folks.

I have a problem, to which i'd be ever so grateful if somebody could assist in solving.

OK, here goes..........

Last week I reinstalled Windows XP Pro - a clean install - had to reformat the hard disk first, no problem.

I now have all the software i require, installed.

My C: has 486gb Free


My D: has 890gb Free

Now, i've been doing some decorating around the house, and so decided to add a large number of mp3's to a playlist, so that I could listen to music whilst I worked.

I am using WinAmp.

So, i loaded the playlist, started the music, and started decorating.

Now, if i return to pc, after say, 1 hour, and then move the mouse - the music inexplicably just stops. Winamp is still running, but if i press the pause button to resume the music, nothing happens. I have to press the 'stop' button, and then press the 'play' button to start that song again.

At first i thought it was a software error - ie, a problem with WinAmp, so i tried using BSPlayer - but i still get the same problem - ie, if i leave the pc unattended and playing the music, on returning to pc, after say, 45 mins or more, and then just move the mouse to 'wake' up the pc, the music just stops - although the screensaver exits and i'm back into normal pc view.

I'm playing the mp3's off of the C: and i've gone to

My Computer > c: > Properties > Hardware > But cannot see any power setting for the hard disk.

From desktop I've gone to Properties> Screensaver>Power

And made sure that "Turn off hard disks" is set to never.

I would be extremely grateful if somebody could help.


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May 24, 2011 at 15:57:43

This might sound similar to what you've already done, but try the following.

Right click on your desktop > properties
Select Screensaver Tab

Set your desired time for your screen saver to kick in.

On the lower right select Power settings.
Under power schemes set from "home/office desk" or what ever you have it set on to "Always On"
Then make up your own settings below that.
I set turn off monitor after 10 min &
Set Hard Drives to turn off in 30 min.
System standby is set to Never.

If this fails - have you tried disabling your screensaver??

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May 26, 2011 at 03:24:02

Thanks for your advice.

I tried this - turning off the screensaver, as you said - and then left pc unattended for 2 hours, whilst it played music.

Alas, when i returned to pc, and moved the mouse, the music again stopped.

It must be an XP problem.

I am very grateful for your advice though.


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