out of range signal in safe mode, or things

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July 8, 2009 at 04:55:21
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 2.405 GHz / 511 MB

Thank you very much, if you take time trying to provide any help.

I recently bought a used LCD monitor, a cmv CT-723D (based on writing on the monitor) 1280x1024, perhaps horizontal sync. frequency 22KHz~82KHz and vertical 50Hz~76Hz. I'm using it connected with a vga cable to a radeon 9000 series video card, it may be.

If I try to start my computer up in safe mode, the screen seems to tell me that the computer is giving it a 1280x1024 signal at 87Hz (refresh rate, or something), and that it's out of range. I also have my crt monitor here, and it seems to be able to display it fine. The only setting for refresh rate available in safe mode that I saw was something like "automatic" or "by hardware", it may be (I may not remember what the words were).

I've searched to try to find an answer to this, and found some forum posts (more than one, anyway, it may be) in which people were having similar problems. One of them, in which the original poster said 'After a very long time they discovered the problem was a rogue registry key which prevented machine going into safe mode,they had never come accross this problem before but pc is now working in safe mode.', is here, it may be: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/... .

It may be as though I would maybe wish to try to solve this problem so that I could dispose of or give away my CRT monitor without making it difficult to do things with this computer in safe mode.

Pardon me, if you wouldn't mind, perhaps, if I have a strange way of speaking or posting.

Thank you for any of your effort or help.

I did not see to enter the manufacturer/product name or model, or things like that, it may be. My computer may be a T4480 emachines I bought in the second half of 2003, with a pentium 4 processor.

", or other things

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July 8, 2009 at 07:37:43
First thing first.
Remove any other monitors except the one you need to work with. All the second monitor does is confuse the issues.

Normally when there is an out of range message it is refering to either the correct resolution or refresh rate is not compatible with the hardware. Install the latest drivers for the graphics card and then reboot your system and allow for the system to reset the settings to auto configuration. The refresh rate for the LCD monitor is set way too high and needs to be set back to around 60 or 65.

Usually in dual monitor modes you need to use the ATI control center to set the individual settings for each monitor. Now it is possible that the 9000 class did not set up for LCD monitors except for those that could actually run in analog mode as well as digital.

When LCD monitors first came out there were two settings they could run in...analog and digital. and the graphics cards at that time would convert the DHMI connector over to annalog to cover that aspect. The newer LCD monitors run in strictly Digital mode and can not run in analog. This may be that you are running new monitor with too old of graphics card as well!

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July 9, 2009 at 11:15:11
"Thank you.

To clarify some things, I may not be using what you would call a dual monitor setup. The older monitor is sitting on my desk, such that I could disconnect this lcd monitor and connect the other one.

I recently had gotten the most recent graphics drivers, it may seem; I went to ATI's website and got the most recent thing that they would give me including their catalyst control center, it may be; it may seem that the drivers were included at well (although my memory is not perfect)).

In case what I meant was not clear, it works fine normally, but in safe mode it does not work. There is only one option for setting the refresh rate in safe mode that I can see, something like automatic/based on hardware, or something.

This monitor has both VGA and DVI (DVI-D, it may be) connections, and is connected with a VGA cable to the video card (which has VGA and S-video outputs, it may be).
", or other things

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July 12, 2009 at 19:32:37
It may actually be the case that I have solved this problem.

There may be something like display settings in my registry for a display profile, or something, referenced as the "VgaCompatible" one, maybe, by a value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\VIDEO

(value "VgaCompatible" = "\Device\Video2
value "\Device\Video2" = "\Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{<numberletterhyphen combination X>}\<number combination Y>"

there may be values in HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\VIDEO\{<numberletterhyphen combination X>}\<number combination Y> such as "DefaultSettings.VRefresh" and "DefaultSettings.XResolution" and "DefaultSettings.YResolution"

the VRefresh one was and still is 0x00000001 (1), it may be

the XResolution one was 0x00000640 (1600) and is now 0x00000320 (800), it may be

the YResolution one was 0x000004b0 (1200) and is now 0x00000258 (600), it may be

(it may be as though it would be possible for me to have written what it was set to incorrectly or made some mistake)

it may be the case that it now works fine in safe mode

it may be as though I would recommend caution to anyone who will change his or her registry, and as though it would be good if the person tried to see that he or she knew what he or she were doing, somewhat

I saved the old key/value settings as a file first (and actually modified it by making a different file and merging, but it might be easier to make a mistake that way, even though you might have a record of what you did afterwards, or other things), it may be

(it may look like somehow, possibly, rather than a 1600x1200 signal at some refresh rate (it now puts out an 800x600 signal at 60Hz in safe mode, with the same VRefresh value value, it may be), a 1280x1024 signal with an 87Hz refresh was put out; maybe somehow something else in the system, or something's 'knowing' that my monitor's max settings were 1280x1024, converted the signal to a lower resolution and a higher refresh rate (I don't know if that's likely). It may be the case that, when I disconnected the LCD from the graphics card's VGA output and connected the CRT I had before to it when it was in safe mode (after it displayed the Out of Range Signal, or something, message, on the screen of the LCD) (although it may be as though it would be better not to connect/disconnect such things while things were on, in many cases), it seems to tell me the signal was 1280x1024 at 87Hz, if I remember and am thinking correctly, or other things)

thank you, for anyone who expended any effort to try to help or to potentially try to or tried to help at all or provided any aid whatsoever

", or other things

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