ot acess anything on computer.

August 9, 2009 at 14:54:28
Specs: Windows XP
when ever i try to open just about anything a box pops up and says: (x)Windows Cannot acess the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to acess the item.; Well SYSTEM RESTORE doesnt work. Its not available. I cannot download ANYTHING. Please help?( Windows XP ) PLUS im stuck with the virus WINDOWS ANTIVIRUS PRO...

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August 9, 2009 at 16:51:23
You have the FAKED symptoms that were made to be installed without your permission by the makers of what's generally called "rogue" anti-malware software. The FAKED symptoms have not done any real harm - they're made to make it appear your computer is infected. You usually get them by merely visiting contaminated web sites, often when you merely click on a link while searching for something. The intention of the FAKED symptoms is to try to get you to download and scan your computer with their anti-malware software, for free - if you give in to that, it DOES find malware, but all of it or at least some of it was installed by the makers of the anti-malware - you have to pay for the software in order to remove the crap they installed.
These "rogue" anti-malware software makers update the symptoms and what installs them often enough that most legitimate anti-malware software makers cannot keep up and can't remove all that is installed, if it finds anything at all.

You have to use anti-malware software that specializes in getting rid of these "rogue" anti-malware software makers FAKED symptoms and what installs them.

Luckily, in this case, Malwarebytes will get rid of this particular crap.

Search for and download Malwarebytes, the free version. Also search for and download Smitfraudfix - if Malwarebytes will stop the annoying stuff from loading but if doesn't get rid of 100% of the symptoms, Smitfraudfix will probabaly get rid of the rest of them - however it loads the default home page for the browser version you're using, but that's easily changed back to any site you want it to be.

Install, update, and run Malwarebytes in Safe mode if you can.
(press F8 repeatedly while booting, choose Safe mode with networking from the boot menu list that appears.)

Note that you can usually access flash drives even when you have the faked symptoms. If you copy the Malwarebytes and Smitfraudfix downloads to a flash drive on another computer, when you plug in the flash drive into the infected computer, choose to save both downloads to your desktop. Run them from the desktop screen.
You update Malwarebytes in the program itself - you don't have to use an internet browser to do that, as long as you have an internet connection. (e.g. Safe mode with networking).
Smitfraudfix is ready to go as is.

Let Malwarebytes remove everything it finds.
Reboot - check out your computer - if any symptoms remain, run Smitfraufix, preferably in Safe mode.
Run Malwarebytes in Safe mode again. If it finds anything in System Restore restore points, you can turn off System Restore then turn it back on to get rid of the infected restore points, HOWEVER, DO NOT do that before you're sure the symptoms are gone, because you can always load restore points BEFORE the computer was infected if System Restore has not been wiped of restore points by turning it off. You can't be infected or re-infected by malware in an infected restore point unless you diliberately load the infected restore point yourself!

Many people are buying the paid version of Malwarebytes because it auto detects and gets rid of this kind of crap as soon as it's encountered (the free version has no resident scanner - one that runs all the time).

While you still have the symptoms.....

You will probably find there are fewer entries than you normally see when you click on Start in the menu that pops up.
Usually this works.
RIGHT click on the Start icon, choose Properties - Customize - Advanced.
Enable everything in the list you want to enable, e.g. My Computer, the Run command, click on OK.
What you enabled that was missing previously will then appear in the Start menu for at least a few minutes, in both normal and Safe modes.

Some of your drives may appear to be missing when you look in My Computer.
If you enable Run and go there and type: cmd (click OK or press Enter), you will find that if you type any drive letter you normally see in My Computer followed by a colon, e.g. C: (press Enter), the drive is still there, and if you type: dir /p or dir /s /p (press Enter) all the files are still there, if it's a hard drive partition.

regedit probably won't work at the cmd prompt.

Ctrl-Alt-Del - popping up Task Manager - or selecting Task Manager by RIGHT clicking on the taskbar lower right - probably won't work.

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