Onecare jacked my PC

January 1, 2009 at 23:58:36
Specs: XP, Pentium 4
First, I'm on here via my PSP.

I tried Onecare online scan, & it surprisingly found 1000+ items. I tried to look at each but just cleaned it all.

Well, now IE won't open, taskbar doesn't work, can't copy or move files, Media Player won't open. Going to Restore I get an error msg and it doesn't even open.

I had to edit my registry to see hidden files because options button wouldn't work.

Thinking of copying system, default, sam, security, & software files from a restore folder to config folder.


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January 2, 2009 at 00:19:13
Oh yeah, I didn't make a backup, I know, stupid me.

And trying to move the files is how I foundout I can't move anything. And I do mean anything, I can't move desktop items. I can't drag or drop files. I can't ctrl+c, or use the move option.

Almost forgot I can't search. Not in an open window or using start menu.

I wish I was kidding but this is all real and since using Onecare.

Please remember I'm using a PSP to type.

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January 2, 2009 at 06:26:39
mmm - not heard of this itme until now; and a little suprised it's an M$ effort...

You say restore points don't work?

As data/files are obviously a concern right now... Get yourself a copy of Linux on a CD (Knoppis or Ubuntu). Boot up with that and then, all things being equal, you may be able to access drive's contents and transfer data off to optical media... Verify those copies play elsewhere; then set about resolving actual problem?

A brief trawl re' onecare does seem to suggest it is riddled with issues; has pattern of changing things various (regardless of whether or not the user wants things changed). And that M$ seem to be anything but helpful about problems it can and has caused for more than a few...?

Nonetheles have you been in touch with M$-land at all for their input - if any available...?

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January 2, 2009 at 11:58:31
Now that I can see the hidden files, I can see the restore points in \system volume. But I can't copy or move the files. I have full access to my pc and registry and files except for the problems listed above.

Again what I want to try and do is copy system, default, sam, security, & software files from a restore folder earlier than this event to config folder. Do you think that will work if I can figure a way to move or copy them?

What's the best way or # to contact them (M$). Do they charge for helping with this?

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January 2, 2009 at 13:00:46
I'm not at all sure how to proceed here. How are you able to see the assorted files etc.?

I think in theory a copy etc. of assorted files may work; there is repair routine for XP that essentially does just that... Details are somewhere in the M$-land KB but I can't recall just where right now... It may be in relation to config.sys is something like missing (or corrupt)?

Will M$ charge for helping to fix the mess they made? Who knows. It may not hurt to email them about it - and rattle their playpen bars?

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January 2, 2009 at 16:09:13
Oh, ok, what I mean is if I open My Computer\system volume information\_rest~ folder I can see and access the files.

But I can't move them or copy them. Like if I wanted to drag and drop something from that or any other folder to my desktop or to another folder. It just doesn't move.

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January 2, 2009 at 16:32:45
What happens if you boot with a Linux variant on a CD? Knoppix/Ubuntu will usually allow you to view/access drive contents as a resource to the Linux OS...; and both allow you to recover any/all data etc. - as in copy to optical media etc.; after-which one then tries to resolve the actual problems...

Strongly encourage you go that file recovery path first; then set about resolving problem as posted...

Once you have all critical data etc. safely elsewhere.. see if you can access/copy the appropriate files (as you list earlier) across to where you want them?

If you can't, or can and it still doesn't resolve it all..., then try a repair install? The version that preserves in-place data etc...? But for this you will need a proper XP CD (Upgrade or Full version - not a recovery version - unless I'm mistaken?). If you have a recovery set that may allow you to achieve a non-destructive recovery? But it generally seems to depend on the manufacturer etc. of sed laptop/pc as to what you can do with those disks?

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January 2, 2009 at 17:19:38
How do I get a copy of Linux on a CD? Actually I don't know what Linux is.

I know it is not generally encouraged, but do you think there is something in the registry I can check on that may be preventing me from moving things?

I did the video for my church christmas play and it is on my PC. I am so worried that I may lose it if I do anything drastic.

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January 2, 2009 at 17:43:44
If you have data you can't lose, I recommend getting a new drive and installing the operating system on it, then backing up the data, then fixing or re-formatting the old drive.

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January 3, 2009 at 06:02:18
Linux on a CD: Knoppix and Ubuntu versions (and there are others too...?) are free. Either one can order a cd or download an iso image - which then burn to cd and use that cd.

Each avaialble (respectively) at:

"wizard"'s suggestion re' a new (or at least another drive) is a possible path - but perhaps a little extreme? If you can recover data one way or other... then you may be reasonably happy to "byte the bullit" and rebuild the system afresh - but not before seeing if a repair routine of some sort works first (or not...). If you can recover data first then a new/different drive may not be required - as you may opt to rebuild the current one?

I think you "will" be able to recover "all" data etc. via either of the Linux variant(s) on a cd (I've certainly managed it at least once that way); after-which you can set about deciding how you proceed afterwards? Essentially that's a case of - do you try a copy of files etc. as you suggested earlier (while booted in to Linux); or do you try a repair installation (preserving data); or a total rebuild? The repair options do depend a little on just what type of XP cd you have; recovery, or full/upgrade version?

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January 4, 2009 at 03:14:56
Well, I was able to eventually copy those files over. I zipped them and then extracted them where I wanted them. I also uninstalled IE7 so that my system reverted back to IE6.

After restart all the same problems still occur.

Now IE will open up but the computer won't connect. As a matter of fact Network Connections shows nothing. When I try to create a new connection, the pc does nothing.

Think I may get a portable drive and try to move my music, pics, videos, and docs and then just reformat/reinstall windows.

But I am going to check this Linux option out, because I have a ton of music and pics, several gigs each.

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January 4, 2009 at 06:06:34
mmm... clearly there are some serious issues here - post "onecare" intrusions. An object lesson if ever one was needed... not to use sed util/service at any time?

Regardless, I think you would be most wise at this stage to get yourself the Linux on a CD variant and transfer data off etc. Again - verify those copies are truly readable/accessible on at least one other system as well before having a go at the drive in terms of repair/rebuild etc.

You "might" also feel inclined to actually copy the whole drive over - to a separeate area/partition on the external drive; if only to have it all there in-case there is anything you discover you want (from it) at a later date - and didn't save etc. earlier. I'm thinking of the odd (or not so) driver or util?

Incidentally if you inspect the registry keys; are they "all" there and intact? Regedit is the command to open\view registry keys/listings - via Start\run...?

If they aren't as they ought to be then unles you have valid copies of previous version(s)... you're most likely out of luck here?

The best you "might" achieve (allowing for your most recent "successes") is a Repair installation...; but again get "all" data etc. off the system first - as above.

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