Old user profile gone on Windows XP.

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January 18, 2011 at 00:10:45
Specs: Windows XP SP3
Hello, I followed a guide to create a new user profile in case my old one was "corrupted" on Windows XP Media Center Edition, SP3. I got as far as creating the new user profile, and I gave it a name, let's call it B. My old user profile was simply the Administrator. Then I had to shut down the computer and now when I put it back on, I can only access profile B and the Guest profile, and the Administrator profile is gone, as are all the files which pisses me off since I was just about to create a back-up in case something went wrong with this process.

Can anything be done so that I can access my old profile and more importantly my old files? B has Administrator rights, but when I try to open the Administrator folder I get an error message saying "access denied."

Please help me!

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January 18, 2011 at 07:38:48
'the Administrator profile is gone'
'when I try to open the Administrator folder I get an error message saying "access denied."'

So its not gone!

You need to take ownership of this folder. As its media center (which is pro with some bits) you should be able to do this in normal mode (has to be safe mode for xp home). Make sure simplified sharing is turned off - which will make the security tab available in folder properties. Then right click on Administrator folder, click on properties then select security tab. Click on advanced then select the owner tab. change owner to you and tick the box to apply to all subfolders. It may take a while - when its finished you may need to give yourself explicit permissions - or it may just let you in.

You could try just giving yourself full permission to folder and subfolders without becoming owner, but that tens to only work piecemeal, so as you then look at the folder structure you come across access denied on some items.

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