odd drag and drop problem

Dell / XPS
January 23, 2009 at 18:07:28
Specs: Windows XP, Q9450/3Gb.
I use remote desktop on Windows XP at home to get to my Windows XP desktop at work. The problem is that lately when I go to drag and drop a file, or to drag and drop an email in Outlook from my inbox to a folder, the drag part works fine. Then when I go to drop it, letting up on the left mouse key isn't good enough, I need to do an extra click to drop the file or email. So drag and drop is functional, it just isn't working as normal or as I would like it to...

I have no idea what causes this problem, any ideas on what the problem might be or how I can investigate it? I can't correlate this with an update or installing anything, and I'm very conscientious about running antivirus anti-malware programs.

Thanks for your help.


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February 15, 2009 at 13:28:26
This problem was fixed by rebooting my work desktop, which is time-consuming and painful.

I've since experienced this again, and now check for it just after rebooting so that I don't have much time invested in setting up context on my work Windows desktop before I find out if I need to reboot yet again.



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