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Hewlett-packard / Dv8125nr
February 3, 2009 at 18:49:31
Specs: xp x86 MCE 2005, 1.8ghz 512mb
So my lapto was overheating on a daily basis (~80c). So i opened her up, and after 4 hours of careful disassembly blowed and reseated the heatsink. ok cool it went easy. However during this procedure i was required to remove the dvd drive, no biggy, one screw and it just slid out.

However now everything is back together and xp doesnt see my drive, and disc's dont load, however the drive does have power and it will open and discs are spun. however if i stick in my ubuntu disk, a boot from disk option does not appear.

Looking in device manager now it says to install a new driver, called "SM BUS CONTROLLER." Could this be related to the dvd drive?

the drive itself has an adapter from the motherboard to the drive, however on this adapter their is microcontrollers leading me to believe its more then just an adapter.

Thanks folks

Also on a quick side question, if i do get this drive fixed im thinking of upgrading from a 1.8ghz 512kb cache processor to a 2.2ghz 1024kb cache. would doubling of the cache and mere ghz upgrade be noticeable? or is it time to get a new student loan and scrap this thing?

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February 4, 2009 at 00:06:02
If the DVD was ok before you did the work to your laptop, it is more likely that it isn't making good connection to the main board. Try taking it out again them firmly push it back into place.
When you say you re-seated the heat sink, did you apply fresh heat transfer compound to the CPU? If not you will likely get heat related troubles again.
As far as performance goes, a much cheaper option would be to increase the amount of RAM in the computer. 512M is borderline for XP, also run something like CCleaner to remove rubbish files, then (very important for speed) defragment the drive regularly.

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