No display after Win XP logo splash screen

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August 27, 2010 at 22:42:39
Specs: Windows XP, Core 2 duo/2 GB RAM
I have a PC with Win XP SP3. I wanted to remove a Nvidia Quadro FX 380 video card that was inside it. The PC was supposed to keep working with the integrated video card of the Mainboard.

After removing the Quadro Video Card, the PC booted and halted after the Windows Logo boot up process (No HD movement or anything) into a black screen. I decided to install the Quadro card back again, I loaded normally into windows and uninstall Nvidea drivers, so I did it. Also I moved the Video option of the BIOS to work with the internal graphics of the Mainboard. I removed the Quadro video card again and boot again and the same happened: Halted after Windows Logo Boot up process.

So I decided to go back, I installed the Quadro Video Card again and the BIOS back to work with PCI-E. BUT now after the Windows Logo the black screen showed after the Windows Logo boot up proces. BUT this time I heard the HD moving, so I decided to enter my password, and the PC entered into windows. I know that because I heard the piano sound oneself hear after loading into windows. BUT the Black screen window showed all the time. So windows is loading, but is not showing anything on the screen.

Then I tried to load in SAFE MODE but the computer HALTS on the loading list on the dup.sys file. I tried it that too many times and it wont load. Also I tried to boot on VGA MODE but the same happened:black screen.

So now, I can NOT load in any scenario. So now I got:

- No safe Mode Working (halts on dup.sys)
- No VGA mode Working.
- Halts and Black Screen after Windows booting. Quadro Card Not installed. Using MB VGA.
- Black Screen after Windows booting. Quadro Card installed. Windows Loading. Hearing the piano sound of loading normally. Windows XP seems to be completely alive behind the black screen.

Please ANY help will be very helpful and thanked so much.



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August 27, 2010 at 23:09:39
Do you have an XP Install disk?
You may have to do a repair install.

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