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Microsoft Windows xp media center 2005
October 28, 2009 at 01:43:19
Specs: Windows XP Media
When I switch my PC on the wallpaper comes up but nothing else - no desktop icons, start button - nothing. All I can do is CTR/ALT/DEL to bring the task manager up. When this first happened on Sunday 25th Oct I could see other files and programmes this way, but it would not let me go into them or run them. I did manage to get up Favourites and click on a web page but it said there was no internet connection (it brought up the page saying there was no connection though with the toolbars at the top). Since then I haven't even been able to do this. Before I can even click on anything the listed items disappear from task manager.

I've tried going in in safe mode but after I've logged in as administrator or user it comes up with a completely blank screen with "safe mode" at the bottom of the screen. Again I could bring up the task manager up, but could do nothing with it.

I did have some problems with IE8 a while ago when the new version uploaded and someone from Windows helped me out (they said it was confused because my security software had put a tool bar on my PC which wasn't compatible). One of the IE8 files was left on my desktop and as I believed this was a shortcut I deleted it so believe this is the cause of my current problem, although I thought I did this a day or so before I had my problems, but can't be certain (it seems the most likely thing). The other thing I did was save an MP3 file to my PC, but I believe this was from a safe source. It could possibly be something else, but unfortunately I just wouldn't know.

I have looked at other solutions on the net and tried to do them. One suggested I right click on the desktop - nothing happened and then type explorer.exe and run - this didn't work. Another said to type "CMD" in the new task (run) area of task manager - this didn't bring anything up. Another said to go into safe mode and type misconfig in start/run - I have no start button so tried this in the task manager - nothing happened. One has suggested putting in a Windows XP disk and repairing it which sounds like the right thing, however, I don't think I got an actual Windows XP disk with my PC - I made back up disks from what was on the PC, I've tried just putting one of these into the PC but nothing has happened so I'm not really sure what to do next. As you can probably guess, I've not got much computer knowledge - quite good at using certain software, but I don't know much about the background stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm just floundering around in the dark at the moment.

I know I have Windows XP Media, although I'm not quite sure of the version as I didn't check that. I bought the PC at the end of January 2006. It is an Acer PC. I do have a default to factory settings function but I really don't want to lose all of my dance choreography videos, notes and my photos and music (as well as software I have uploaded).

Thank you

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October 28, 2009 at 04:03:55
To open msconfig in Task Manager, try typing this ---
Taskbar and Icons missing:

Try this:
(Original Message, and Response Number 1 looks like a fix?)

Also try this:
(That one is a special Posting someone made of how he fixed it.)

Another fix is un-quarintene explorer in Spydoctor.

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October 28, 2009 at 06:21:50
Thank you I will try those tonight although I won't be able to do the right click one (I've already tried that and it does nothing) and last night I had trouble having anything on the task manager for longer than a few seconds, but I will have a go.


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October 29, 2009 at 01:03:52
This is where I got to last night:-

1) I tried looking for syse.exe but it wasn't on the list and it said that Windows couldn't find it. I also had a look for the ddm folder and I couldn't find this in program files either.
2) I was unable to right click on the desktop to bring up any options (it does nothing)
3) I had already tried to select the last known config that worked but I tried this again and and nothing happened.

I had another look through my pc and this time I was able to get my homepage up through favourites ( and the hotmail page. I tried to run my program and that didn't work. Then I had a message saying that the application failed 0xc0000005 and that I would have to press okay to cancel. When I pressed okay the whole PC hung up and I could not bring up the task manager or anything else. I could only get out of the PC by switching it off as I now couldn't shut down. I logged in again and 4 more times in safe mode and each time before I could to the Windows sign I had this message and could not move any further forward - just to the green Acer page and again as I couldn't shut down I had to switch the PC off. So things are looking decidedly worse - has anyone had anything similar or have any advice?

Thank you

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October 29, 2009 at 20:49:28
Something to try if you have access to another computer with a slave connection.
Put your hard drive in it and run Error Checking.
1. Error Checking- This takes a good while. When I did it took about 90 minutes.
Start - my computer - right click the correct disk - properties - Tools Tab -
Error checking section - Check now - check mark both boxes - Start - As a slave hookup no restart is needed.
Check the slave hard drive with your antivirus and malewarebyte.

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October 30, 2009 at 00:46:13
Thank you for this, but I have decided to take it into a company to look at as I think I've been defeated!

Thank you


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