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November 5, 2009 at 06:34:41
Specs: Windows XP
I am having problems connecting to the internet. I have cable internet, 2 computers connecting wirelessly to a belkin router, I have no more internet connection. I called my ISP and they simply told me I have issues with my computers, they do not want to help because they ruled out their side and the modem.

I have a third computer that never goes on the network, a laptop, if I connect this laptio directly on the modem it goes on the internet, if I connect this laptop on the router no connection at all. If I go in the router configuration at the top is actually says no internet connection detected.

If I plug one of the desktops directly to the modem it does not work as well.

The wireless side works, the computers connect easily to the router but it stops there.

Can it be a virus ? one of the pc's runs macfee and it has a clean bill of health. can it be a corrupted file ? One funny thing, when we were connecting a desktop directly to the modem the technician did several resets of the modem and I did it as well from my side, he kept on seeing a delkin router, he tends to believe it's a virus and has something to do with my mac address but offered no more help, since he had rules out their equipment and connection, i was on my own he said.

any ideas on where I can start with this ??


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November 5, 2009 at 07:07:29
Not a Virus but a problem in your Router. Remember that when you hook your router into the Modem to power cycle the modem so that it can give your router a connect (IP address). You must have the WAN ports of the router hooked to the modem. The LAN ports are only for the computers. On the WAN port it must be configured to use a Dynamic IP not Static.

If you do not know how to configure your router then it is best to either call your Router's tech support or hold in the reset button for so many seconds to reset it back to Factory Defaults. (Note resetting your router will turn off the WiFi encryption so you will need to re-setup the WiFi. Better to call tech support)

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November 5, 2009 at 07:18:31
I should have specified, both computers and the router were working perfectly for several months, we came back yesterday to find both computers offline.
I did a reset to factory defaults as well, still not working. and the cables are in their correct assigned slots. If i plug the laptop in a lan port it does not connect but if i plug it in the modem directly no problem.
we did have a power outage the day the computers went down, can the router have suffered some sort of problem ?

what i find weird is when i had a desktop connected directly to the modem the ISP could not see the desktop but saw a delkin router, when i plugged the laptop instead they no longer saw the router but saw the laptop.

he did say something about an ip or a mac address problem and states a virus could be sending out a bad mac address. does this make sense ? should I simply go and buy a new router ?

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November 5, 2009 at 07:34:32
Routers do not get viruses. It sounds like your router was hit by an EMP. Do you have electrical storms? I have lost like 2 routers to lightening strikes. Note with EMP the lightning just need to strike near your house to cause the electro-magnetic pulse.

To confirm your router is still working fine try hooking your Desktop or Laptop directly to the router's LAN port and go to the command prompt (Start -> Run -> type CMD). To do this you need to know your routers IP. It is usually but can very depending upon manufacture. If it is then type PING and look at the statistics. You want to make sure you have 0% packet loss. If you get a 100% packet loss then you need to get a new router.

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November 5, 2009 at 08:18:42
EMP [electromagnetic pulse]

Power surge either by lightning or power company is not the same as an emp.

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