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August 31, 2011 at 16:33:32
Specs: Windows 7, i-core 5
Hi We have a small office and a combination of XP and Win7 PC's.
Some time ago we had internet connection issues and our tech decided there was a dns issue and gave each PC a primary dns of and secondary of All is fine on the internet front now. However our network drives are very unreliable and drop offline or don't connect properly. We have a batch file in each of the PC's startup folder with the following commands.
The Network drives all have fixed IP's

net use * /DELETE
net use Q: \\\XXXXX /USER:ADMIN
net use W: \\\XXXXXXXXXX /PERSISTENT:YES /USER:Administrator

1. Is this the correct approach.
2. Can we beef up the batch commands to make sure the drives are connected
3. Is there a way to have permanent connection for the desktop PC's
4. Are both problems related to the DNS issue, is there a resolution to this.

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August 31, 2011 at 18:20:51
Get a new tech.

I map drives and put the check box to include restore connection which is same as persistent. I use the windows gui to map a networked drive. It works fine unless the server is bad somehow.

I have no idea about that dns but it doesn't apply here. nslookup command ought to reveal the name server. dns resolved FQDN's to IP addresses. Since you are using static then use the IP address. Windows client name resolution would be a different deal. You put the dns entry either or both of your companies dns server or your isp's server. I wouldn't suggest you allow internet access on any lan that has a business computer so you shouldn't need a dns number at all.

You have a security issue also seems to me. Why connect anything as a admin. Use a user account.

I map drives and put the check box to include restore connection which is same as persistent.

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