Net get disconnected want to auto login

August 7, 2009 at 09:58:58
Specs: Windows XP
My net connection breakdown after some interval and give "Keep Alive Error". I want a program that will help to automatically log in to the internet connection once it gets "Keep alive error", so that uninterrupted Download is possible. is it possible?
if yes please help

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August 7, 2009 at 10:41:21
"My net connection breakdown ......"Keep Alive Error". "

That doesn't depend on any setting in Windows - it depends on how reliable your internet connection is.
As far as I know there's no way of curing that problem, other than by re-booting your high speed modem or router/modem combo, and/or curing the problem that is causing the poor connection. Sometimes rebooting the computer helps but there's no guarantee it will.
Are you connected to a DSL or ADSL high speed modem or router/modem combo, or to a cable high speed modem or router/modem combo, or to a dial-up connection??
Is the connection wired (you're using a Network cable) or wireless? A wired connection is a lot more reliable.

You can download and install a download manager prgram and install it, which will allow you, when you use it, to resume an interrupted download where you left off, or in many cases the place you are downloding from already has a download manager involved (e.g. Microsoft Update on the web) - if you stay at the web page where you were downloading the download, re-boot your modem or router modem combo, then start the download again, the software will recognize the part of the download that is already on your computer and start downloding from that point.

If you're connected to a router and that router connects to a standalone high speed modem, usually you only need to reboot the modem. However, sometimes you may need to reboot both the modem and the router, which I have found is more likely when you are using a wireless connection.

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August 8, 2009 at 11:34:23
thanks for your reply.
I think i was not able to communicate my problem clearly. :)

I want a piece of code (in any language), which will detect the message box that contain "Keep alive error" and run a script that will automatically log in in to the internet connection. The username and password will be given inside the script.

Is there any such kind of program exits. If yes will you lease share that.

Thanx in advance

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August 8, 2009 at 11:42:33
"I want a piece of code (in any language), which will detect the message box that contain "Keep alive error" and run a script that will automatically log in in to the internet connection. "

Even if there is away of doing such, it can't make the internet connection work if it doesn't presently have a good enough connection to make that possible.

You need to find out why it is losing it's connection, or at least try things that may make the connection more reliable. If you answer the questions I asked, I may be able to help you fix your problem with you losing the connection.

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August 8, 2009 at 12:45:30
Are you using a dial up connection? If so, your ISP will automatically disconnect you after a certain time period of inactivity.

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August 9, 2009 at 06:04:43
Hi Tubesandwires,
the answers of some of ur questions are as fiollows:
My Connection is a wired one. I have a ADSL modem.
I don't know Answers of other questions. will you please tell me how to find them? :)
I believe that the connection problem can't be fixed.That's why i was tryimg to find another solution. Anyway if the connection problem can be solved and speed can be increased by any means then ur suggestions are always wellcome.
Eagerly waiting for responses.

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August 9, 2009 at 07:25:24
It is very possible your download was interrupted by your ISP. There has been quite a bit of news about pretty much all ISP's performing what they call packet shaping and throttling. If that is the case you could complain to your ISP.

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August 9, 2009 at 08:20:25
You need to go to your ISP's network subscriber page & configure your modem properly, the default URL should be unless your ISP indicates otherwise.

From there, you need to look for something applicable to connection type or connection timeout - it might be under the advanced settings menu, but it should be in there, somewhere. You don't want anything that suggests "connecting on demand" or "always attempt to connect." However, if you see an option there indicating "keep alive" that's what you need to select. Of course, you'll need your used ID & password, you may also need the modem access code in order to get this fixed.

Windows 7 News!

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August 9, 2009 at 09:40:39
"My Connection is a wired one."

If all the connections from your computer to the internet are wired - from your computer to the ADSL modem, or from your computer to a combo router/adsl modem, or from your computer to a stand alone router that's connected by a wired connection to a standalome ADSL modem, that's the most reliable network connection to the internet.

" I have a ADSL modem."

I have an ADSL high speed modem that is connected to old phone lines on overhead wiring in the alley (probably installed in 1959). I frequently have to re-boot (re-set) my ADSL modem because I'm not getting a good internet connection, especially after it has rained or after a lightning storm (I'm using a wired connection to a standalone router, which connects to a standalone ADSL modem by a wired connection). About three weeks ago we had a severe lightning storm here that hadwinds that broke a tree which fell against the power lines in the alley and broke a higher voltage wire, resulting in arcing before the power went completely out, and our power being out for nearly a day - my ADSL connection is worse lately since.

All high speed modems I've used will NOT automatically re-boot (re-set) themselves to establish a good internet connection when they are powered on and the internet becomes poor or fails.
They will re-boot if you disconnect the power to the modem and your computer, such as when they're both connected to the same AC power bar, then you switch the power on again, but sometimes you don't want or need to do that, especially if you are downloading something at the time.

How to re-boot a high speed modem, or router / modem combo. This can be done while you're still in Windows.
- if it has a power switch, turn it off, turn it back on.
- if it has no power switch, unplug the power connector for it's power adapter from the back of thedevice, plug it back in, or unplug the AC to DC adapter for it, plug it back in.
- wait a short time until the leds on the device indicate you have a ADSL connection.
- if you were in Windows, try the internet, or try resuming the download - usually the connection will then be better. If the computer was off, boot it and try the internet.

Sometimes it will take a while, longer than usual, before the leds on the device indicate you have a ADSL connection.

Sometimes you need to re-boot a standalone router as well, if you have one, but I've only had to do that when a person has a wireless connection and are connecting to a router wirelessly.

ADSL and DSL connections depend directly on how good your phone line connection is.

ADSL and DSL connections have a distance limit - how far away you can be from the nearest phone exchange, which is where the ADSL or DSL device is that connects to your phone line and enables your ADSL or DSL connection - when you re-boot your modem or router / modem combo, that's the device you're re-setting the ADSL or DSL connection to.

If where you are (your computer and modem is) is closer to that distance limit, you will probably have more problems with your connection becoming poor or disconnecting - there is nothing you can do about that problem, other than trying re-booting the connection.

Line noise.
If you pick up a phone connected to the same phone line and can hear line noise - e.g. static, clicks and pops, etc. , you will have problems obtaining the max speeds your internet connection is capable of, and will probably have more problems with your connection becoming poor or disconnecting.
However, sometimes the noise is higher than a human can hear.

There ARE things you can do about that.

- all other phone line connected devices connected to the same phone line connection as the ADSL or DSL modem must have a ADSL or DSL filter inline between them and the wall connection. That includes dial-up modems on computers, and fax machine and multi-function devices with fax capability.

- the cheap flat phone cables most people use between the wall connection and a device act like an antenna and will pick up line electronic and electric noise from their surroundings.
- The shorter they are, the better. If the cheap phone cable is a lot more than 6 feet / 2m long becuase the nearest wall jack is farther away, you may be much better off making yourself a better phone line - use a standard twisted pair telephone cable (the kind normally used within your walls to connect to the wall jacks) to connect to the wires inside the nearest wall jack, have a connection box on the other end of it you can plug a telephone cable into, and use a short cheap flat phone cable between the box and the device.
- the noise the cheap flat phone cable picks up is proportional to the square of the distance from the source of the noise - e.g. twice as far away, 1/4 the noise. Keep all cheap flat phone cables that connect to the same phone line your modem connects to as far away from possible sources of noise as you can - e.g. your computer case, speakers, fans, lamps, flouresent lights, motors, monitors, TVs, etc. A desktop computer case is metal to help shield other devices from electronic noise it may produce - keep a phone cable away from the opened side of the case it a case side is removed.

The phone line outside of where you are has a problem.

If that doesn't help, the line noise problem is probably with the phone line outside of the location of where the computer and modem are (this is my problem).

- sometimes line noise is temporary - it may go away after a short time on it's own.
- If it is there consistantly or for a longer time, or if you have tried everthing else you can think of and it might be you have a line noise problem but you just can't humanly hear it, contact whoever you pay for the phone line service, and try to get them to check your phone line connection outside of where you are using the computer. You may need to INSIST that they come and check out your phone line connection.
- if you have neighbours that are using an ADSL connection, ask them if they have connection problems too - if they have problems too, you have a better chance of the phone company coming to fix the problem, although, they won't necessarily have them .

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