Nested if 4 parts

March 29, 2009 at 09:17:01
Specs: Windows XP
Create a four part nested if funciton to diplay a message in cell b10 based on what a buyer types in to cells b3 b4 and c7(cells b10: e10) are merged.

a. logical test: or(istext(b3),istext(b4))=true This test is determining whether the buyer typed test data into either cell b3 or b4.
b. value if true: "this spreadsheet will accept only numeric values." if the first logical test is true, then the function will display this message telling the buyer that only numeric values can be typed into the spreadsheet.
c:logical test 2: And(isnumber(b3),Isnumber(B4))=False. This is the second logical test of the nested if function. This is determining if a number has been typed into both cells B3 and B4.
d. value if true 2: "This is the second value if true argumnet for the nested if function.If the second logical test is true, it is assumed that the buyer has not finished typing the cost and retail price information into cells B3 and B4. Therefore, the cell will be left blank.
e. logical test 3: B6<=0. This is the third logical test for the nested if function.This is determining if the Net Profit is less than or equal to 0. This is the same logical test that was used in step 6a.
f. Value if true 3: "Net Profit is negative-Do not purchase this item at the current plan."
g. logical test 4: b8<1000
h. value if true 4: "item is currently planned below the company's minimum profit standard of 10,000."
i. value if false:""

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March 29, 2009 at 10:52:39
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