my tiny Dell laptop only boots in safe mode HELP

November 27, 2011 at 07:52:01
Specs: Windows Vista
my laptops shell says tiny but everything in the shell is made by dell? now it only starts in safe mode wen i let it start in normal mode the mouse is ther and can be moved and a notice comes up saying internet exporer stoped working (something stoped the program from working it says) but nothing else is to be seen. in safe mode i can do most things but i have tryed ctrl+shift+esc and run new file and typed EXPLOR.exe and EXPLORER.exe can anyone help please?????

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November 27, 2011 at 09:59:40
Did you have recovery media?

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December 7, 2011 at 09:18:16
get a bootdisk doesnt matter if its win 95 or win 98, they will all work with all os including xp pro, put it in and reboot, the floppy will go through its stuff, when it sopes the A prompt will come up typ this next to it scandisk c: make sure you hit the spacer bar once after you type scandisk then type c: it will check everything on your disk if it finds something like an arror it will prompt you to fix it, click fix it, let it run though the whole sequence when its done remove the boot disk and restart, it should be out of safe mode and work. if it doesnt, go into your bios on startup and set everything to their default settings.

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December 7, 2011 at 10:18:23
If the Windows XP disk is formatted the NTFS which it should be, the Windows 95/98 disk wont be able to read it at all. However as this is Windows Vista it is even less likely to work.

An inability to boot into anything but safe mode usually indicates a driver problem. If it were anything that could be fixed by scan disk it wouldn't even boot into Safe Mode.

Leave the BIOS alone. Changing the BIOS setting on a computer that is not booting properly can easily turn a simple problem into a complicated one. Whatever the problem is, changing previously correct settings in the BIOS wont make it go away.

Do you have a recovery dsik, or a Windows Vista boot disk or any kind of disk designed to be used with Windows Vista. While in safe mode look in the device manager and see if the are any yellow question marks. If so, reinstall the drivers.

BTW way, the file name for |Internet Explorer is IEExplore.exe. You will probably need to enter the full path name from Safe Mode


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December 8, 2011 at 00:24:02
I'm with Stuart, this is most likely a driver problem.

My advice would be to use a bootable disk (many linux flavours come as a live CD/DVD) and backup all your personal files to either DVD or external drive.

Once backed-up, restore the laptop to factory defaults (google instructions for your Dell model).

Please let us know if you found someone's advice to be helpful.

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