Solved my pc will only boot in to tho window advance

June 29, 2011 at 16:55:30
Specs: Windows XP
i read the Qs and As the problem i have with my computer it will only boot in to the advance option menu. whe ever i power it on it gose right in to the window advance option menu that is the only page it will bring up. i cannot type in anything because their is no start up menu i can't typ in misconfig can't click on start tab. at first start up it gose right in to the window advance option menu. i had the hard drive tested and its ok i was told i need a recovery cd or installation cd. my computer runs on window xp and is over 7 years old. i call microsoft and hp and was told they don't make a recovery disc or installation cd anymore. i ask one of their tech about upgrading to windows 7 and was told my pc would not support window 7. due to my disabilty i am no longer working and the benifits i get each month won't alow me to purchase a new one could a virus have curruted my computer what am i to do

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June 29, 2011 at 17:35:17
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What are you doing at the Advance Options menu? That's your opportunity to fix the problem. Either go into Safe Mode or try Last Known Good Configuration. As for the recovery disks, you should have made them 7 yrs ago when the system was new. The manufacturers don't supply the disks anymore & haven't for a LONG time, but they do put the files on the hard drive & include a utility to create your own disk(s). Unfortuantely, most people don't bother to read the documentation that comes with their new system. See the following:

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June 30, 2011 at 15:08:31
mickliq thank you for your describing the problem the problem with my computer my desription my have been unclear. first of all you were right i should have made copies back but i pretty new to computers back then. but to tell you more about my computer problem and i will try to be more clearer. i look at that following link about how to make a copy. you see when i power on my computer the first window it will open is the window advance option it will not open any other window like i said it only open the window optiom menu. i click on safe mode and the only thing that happens is another screen will pop up it will show this multi 0 disk0 rdisk 0 partition2 window/ system32 drivers/ disk system the screen will pop up with that on it and more stuff running dow the screen really fast. after that finish it will jump back to the window option menu. i click safe mode with net working. i click on last kown good configaration and it jump back to window option menu it dose the same thing with the start normal mode adn the comman prompt mode not one of thesemode work. theirs a message at the top of the page thats says we apologize for the inconvenince but windows did notstartsuccessfully a recent hard or soft ware change might cause this. the problem in making a copy of the recovery cd/dvd is my computer when first turn on the only window that will open is window option menu and the only window it will not open any other windows so i cannot get to the window to where i can try to used the recovery software to try an copy a cd/dvd. i don't even know if this computer come with the soft ware. how do i go about finding out how to find the right cd/dvd on the internet that fit my computer and can i burn a recovery cd/dvd by using another computer by finding the model numbe of my computer i welcome your input and advice and your help

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