My DVD burner won't read Burned DVDs

Pioneer Dvr-1910ls black dual layer dvdÂ...
September 18, 2009 at 21:55:06
Specs: Vista Pro, 2 GB DDR2
First, I understand that DVD burners go out and I checked it to be able to read "regular" DVDs and it still does. I used multiple burned DVDs from the past and without any success. I know the next question that will be asked and I took care of that long ago, I do not use cheap DVD-Rs and tend to stay with either Pioneer or Memorex.

Also, I always burn at the slowest speed possible and the dvds still work on other dvd players my friends have. Even using DVDs that I have used many times and even after I used a Disk Doctor on such DVD-Rs, my DVD player still will not read them or tell me what is on it such as the name I put on the disk when I burnt it.

The firmware according to Pioneer is current at 1.1 and the software that I found from their site at states the same.


The problem, not only will it not read the DVDs but it will keep running trying to figure out what to do. Then after a minute, the DVD will not eject no matter what I try (The eject button or the eject feature in Win Explorer) and gives me an error that its in use.


Other tidbits of info. Several of the disk I tried were burnt on this dvd player and it had read them before while others were burned on either a different burner or a different system altogether. I have used a DVDcleaner from a store with the CD having brissles on the bottom as well as cleaned all dvd's that I have tried. I have absolutely no problem reading even DVD movies and this is rather odd due to various copy protections they must have.

Any advice would be nice, even if its a complete re-install of the Windows Vista software from a format. Please help

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September 18, 2009 at 23:28:00
If I read you correctly, sounds like the laser in the burner/player has weakened to the point of not reading "burned" DVD's. Commercial discs are easier to read (even when the manufacturer uses less than ideal quality discs) due to being "stamped" vs. "burned" in most cases:

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