my computer wont boot any os bsod help !!!

November 3, 2010 at 18:57:47
Specs: Windows 7
ok bout this computer from the internet and i know its a good one coz its from a shop on ebay and the seller has not had one bad comment wrote about him but no grantee so trying to fix it without paying out anymore money

heres the problem

it asked me to select my boot device at the start witch i did then loaded up windows xp it got to the select your harddrive which i did formated it like normal got to the setup files got to bout 11% then said windows cant copy this file push enter to retry did that come up like 4 more times then bsod then comes up with after that ntlr is missing witch i fixed :) then come up with boot.ini missing witch i cant replace coz it hasn't ever had a setup on there coz the computer is new and dident come pre installed and it wont even load up windows 7 or vista bsod before you even get to the harddrive checked ram it works :) so dont know wot to do any one got a boot cd of some sort tried ultimate boot cd dont work and hidrin cd dont work any one know of any others i can do torrents so if anyone could pass one good cd fixing program would be amazing plz help me thanks

pc dont know the make
processor amd 64
thats all i really know oh and harddrive sata samson this is ide to

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November 3, 2010 at 19:04:02
I would think this is a hardware problem. Just because the eBay seller has good ratings it doesn't mean that there cannot be some sort of fault with the computer.

Most likely your CD drive is faulty. Maybe using a lens cleaning CD (kit) would fix it, if you can find one.

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