My computer freezes after I play any audio.

Asus / M2n
February 27, 2010 at 00:57:17
Specs: Windows XP Professional with SP2
Whenever I play anything with audio in it (games, videos, music) it works for about 5-6 minutes, then freezes in a very weird way. It loops the last second or so of the audio and the entire screen freezes, but the mouse and keyboard still work. Sometimes I can even get the Task Manager up if I'm quick enough, but it won't do anything and I can only restart my computer by pushing the Reset button.

I have a SoundMAX integrated sound card on an ASUS M2N motherboard. I've tried reinstalling the driver for it, but it didn't help. Is my sound card damaged?

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February 27, 2010 at 02:26:39
Solarn, my guess is memory. Installed memory and available memory can be significantly different.
A common ailment is a file called 'index.dat'. It gets read every time and can take quite a while if it’s too bloated. It's like a log file and keeps a record of every site you visit on the web. Empty, it's 32K, but it can grow HUGE. It's a protected file and can't be deleted by normal methods. CCleaner (free @: can get rid of it when it’s ticked (not to worry, it gets rebuilt EMPTY on the next boot.). May not be your deal at all, but won’t cause any harm to try. I run it often.
Ed in Texas.

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February 27, 2010 at 06:25:54
Nope, not index.dat. I regularly use CCleaner and did so after the first time the freeze happened. It didn't change anything. And nothing else makes my computer freeze, only audio, but it always does.
EDIT: So, not long after I wrote that, my computer froze again, this time without any multimedia playing, and when it restarted, it gave me a blue screen saying that I should probably disable BIOS memory options such as caching and shadowing. So it is a memory problem. How do I solve it (I read somewhere that you can't actually disable caching and shadowing just like that in newer computers)?

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May 15, 2010 at 11:37:45
hi guys, i have the same problem for a long time ...whenever i played any of audio or video file after 20-30 sec pc freeze..but great news here i fixed that problem after a lot of efforts..i tried so many things explained in forums even format the pc but the solution is very easy..

just download any other sound driver compatible to your motherboard and uninstall current driver then install the new driver...wooohh problem solved.

i hope it would help...cheeerooooooo

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