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Mup.Sys Hangs In Safe Boot & Pci.Sys Error While Formatting

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The realtek audio manager in my lenovo laptop gave me the option of a ‘Microphone Boost’. My pc then hung and had to shut down using the power button.
Next my winodws won’t load and I get a mup.sys hang while booting windows XP in safe mode.
When I try to re-install my windows XP I get the pci.sys error in blue screen.
Please help me out with either of the problems.


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  1. I have resolved the issue with the help of Hirens Boot CD which proved to be immensely useful.

    I do not know how but my entire C drive had been wiped clean after the mentioned error, so I could not restore my PC. I was left with no other option than to re-install Windows. I used Hirns Boot Cd to copy my data from the system to a pen drive and then formatted windows.

    The pci.sys error I was getting was because
    I was trying to install XP SP1 when my PC had SP2.

    Thanks for your help too

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