ms dos start up disk comand for drive A

August 19, 2011 at 15:46:42
Specs: Windows XP, 650 mh
My computer will not boot up, the start screen comes on then goes off like normal but does not
go any further. I made a boot up floppy and installed it and now it comes up and has an A:\
but I dont know what to type in

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August 19, 2011 at 17:58:51
To find what is on your hard drive, DIR C:
If it is a SATA or NTFS formatted you will probably get nothing.
A Linux Live CD will read the disk and show you what is on it.

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August 19, 2011 at 18:47:33
A DOS boot disk was useful when diagnosing problems with Windows 9x. If the file system is NTFS (highly probable) a DOS boot disk will be virtually useless. A Linux live CD is far more useful.

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August 19, 2011 at 20:14:42
Have you tried loading Windows in another mode ?

Remove any bootable floppy or CD or DVD you have in drives.

Press F8 repeatedly while booting, don't hold down the key, until you see the Windows boot choices menu.
Choose Safe mode
(or Safe mode with networking, or Enable VGA mode, or Disable automatic restart......., or Last known good...)

If you see something else when you repeatedly press F8 while booting, some computers have another use for pressing F8, such as a menu of boot devices for the computer to boot from. If you see that, read the screen and press the key to exit the menu, then immediately repeatedly press F8

Windows XP is set by default to automatically Restart the computer if it encounters a fatal error - an error it can't recover from. You could try choosing Disable automatic restart... to see if you then get a blue screen with an error message on it that stays on the screen.
If you see that,
- quote the STOP: 0Xx0000xx error (we don't need the stuff in brackets to the right of that)
- if there is a problem file named, it's often at the end of the text - quote that
- if the text mentions it made a mini dump file, that can be analyzed

Dos boot or startup disks cannot recognize NTFS partitions.
A Dos (later version of) 7.x boot disk, or a Win 98, Win 98SE, or Win ME (Dos 7.x) Startup disk can recognize FAT32 or FAT partitions.
Dos 6.x and previous Dos versions and most Win 95 (an earlier version of Dos 7.x) Startup disks can only recognize FAT partitions (2.1 gb or smaller)

They will detect a SATA drive if the bios has the SATA drive controllers set to an IDE compatible mode of some sort.

A bootable Linux CD is useful.

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